Kylie Minogue Almost Ready To Release Her New Album!

kylie minogue new album

What a tease!!!

Pop star extraordinaire Kylie Minogue has revealed that her 12th studio album is “almost finished!!!!!!”

Thankfully, this silences rumors that Kylie would be leaving those sweet melodies behind her to focus on her acting career.

The entertainment veteran spilled:

“I didn’t ever really consider giving up completely, but I was kind of seduced into going back to the acting world. But music brought me back and I’m so happy, it’s just been a very different experience recording here in Los Angeles.”


We don’t know what we would do without her catchy beats and bubbly stage presence!

But WHEN will the new slew of smash hits make our eardrums burst with joy?!

Supposedly it’ll be released later this year, but the sooner the better!

Bring on the musical bliss!!!!

Apr 15, 2013 11:03pm PDT

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