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RHOM Star Lenny Hochstein’s Girlfriend Files A Restraining Order Against His Estranged Wife Lisa After Alleged Online Bullying!

RHOM Star Lenny Hochstein’s Girlfriend Files A Restraining Order Against His Estranged Wife Lisa After Alleged Online Bullying!

Just when we thought this situation between Lenny and Lisa Hochstein couldn’t get any messier, y’all!

As you may recall, The Real Housewives of Miami stars decided to go their separate ways in May after 12 years together. Soon after the split, Lenny moved on to start a relationship with 26-year-old Katharina Mazepa – which had completely “blindsided” Lisa. Things between the former couple have become increasingly tense, with the reality star claiming that her estranged husband “berated and threatened” her in front of their 6-year-old Logan and 2-year-old Elle at one point. She even claimed that his “presumed girlfriend” Katharina has been “detrimental” to the young kids, and her “volatile behavior” reached the point where she had to leave to get away from the model and Lenny.

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However, Katharina alleged to Page Six earlier this month that it was actually Lisa who has been causing problems behind the scenes. In fact, her rep claimed that the Bravolebrity went as far as to create a “fake Instagram” account just to bully her:

“In May, Lisa called Katharina and threatened her on the phone. Lisa has created a fake Instagram page and has continually cyber bullied Katharina.”

So much back-and-forth! And it looks like it won’t be stopping anytime soon!

Katharina seems to be over the alleged online harassment and has decided to take actions to put an end to it! According to Us Weekly Saturday, she filed a restraining order against the 39-year-old on Wednesday. Her rep explained that the injunction was only filed due to the claims Lisa created on several “finsta” accounts – fake Instagram accounts – “solely for the purpose to harm Katharina’s physical safety, emotional well-being, reputation and business.” As for what those false claims were? The court documents obtained by the outlet alleged that Lisa was spreading rumors that Katharina and Lenny were having an affair before his divorce.

We still cannot help but wonder how she even knew Lisa was the one who was running these supposed fake IG accounts! Does she have any evidence – and can she just share it with everyone already?

The social media personality explained to Us why she decided to request the order, saying:

“I have chosen not to respond back with threatening or distasteful messages to Lisa but rather deal with this in a professional and proper manner which is through the judicial system. I am hopeful through this filing to allow the public to know the real truth, which is that I was not involved with Lenny until after Lisa and him had separated. … It is only after Lenny’s separation that we began dating and having a relationship.”

She continued:

“The truth is I am not a homewrecker, I am not someone destroying a family, and I am not someone acting in an inappropriate manner as is being stated publicly by Lisa. This filing will prove that and the injunctive relief for her that has already been granted by a judge will hopefully stop the online bullying, stalking, harassing and threatening behavior from Lisa.”

Ultimately, Katharina expressed how stunned she was that Lisa went so far in order to allegedly “gain an advantage over Lenny in the divorce proceedings”:

“It is unfortunate that Lisa has taken the low road to make such false allegations which presumably are being made to gain an advantage over Lenny in the divorce proceedings which is inappropriate. I look forward to just focusing on protecting my physical and emotional well-being, my reputation, my business relationships and living a peaceful life with my boyfriend.”

Lisa has yet to react to the restraining order issue — but she previously denied the allegations when they first came out, saying:

“I’ve got no time for Katharina’s childish antics and accusations. They are false and just show her true colors and motives. I have my children to focus on and I am trying to keep them away from her and this negativity. None of these allegations are true.”

Whelp, we’ll have to wait and see what happens next in this legal matter! Reactions, Perezcious readers?

[Image via Lenny Hochstein/Instagram,Lisa Hochstein/Instagram, Katharina Mazepa/Instagram]

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