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Love Is Blind Star Danielle Ruhl Claims Ex Nick Thompson & His Team Are Threatening Her Amid Divorce: ‘I Will No Longer Be Controlled’

Things between Love Is Blind exes Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson are getting messier!

As you may know, Danielle filed for divorce in September after the pair met in the pods and got married during season two of the Netflix reality series. While they seemed amicable at first, the situation has quickly turned nasty between the television personalities over the past couple of weeks. Last month, Danielle previously suggested they were no longer on good terms in a deleted clip on Instagramaccusing him of trying to “talk s**t” about her, saying:

“You can still love each other and try your best to move on. We were very amicable and civil at first, and that’s why people were kind of confused with some of the back-and-forth that happened, but going through the divorce process added even more stress, and it’s tough on both of us, I’m sure.”

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In response, Nick opened up to Us Weekly about the split, spilling that things ultimately went wrong between them when he wasn’t “feeling like I was getting the partnership I needed to be successful and to move forward with the relationship.” He also said:

“I know in my heart that I did absolutely the best I possibly could in that relationship. I gave it everything that I had, and that I think proves, to my point, that it wasn’t what she needed.”

Unsurprisingly, Danielle read that interview as many probably did — Nick primarily blaming her for their split and not taking “accountability” for his side in their divorce. In an interview with E! News on Tuesday, she hit back:

“I wanted to make sure that it was noted that it takes two, but unfortunately, with every interview, he is putting all of the blame on me and this isn’t new. This was something he did the entire relationship.”

She then claimed they attempted to save their marriage by going to couple’s therapy for “a pretty long period of time” — but decided to end their relationship when Nick decided he didn’t want to do it anymore:

“We actually stopped that, but there was a long period of time in which we weren’t having issues. Everything was his decision. No matter how much I had an opinion or an input in things, it was never taken into consideration.”

Even though they had problems within their marriage, Danielle claims her ex-husband had been “very upset” when she filed for divorce and is now attempting to “punish” her for doing so:

“He’s still trying to punish me because of the fact that I did that. Even though we’re both stating the fact that we knew that it was best for us.”

However, Nick was not standing for Danielle’s claims! The 36-year-old fired right back at the allegations, not even waiting 24 hours! He told People on Tuesday:

“It’s hurtful to hear these comments. It’s disappointing that Danielle chooses to make false claims and defamatory comments about me and our relationship. It’s especially hurtful because she knows firsthand how difficult being in the public eye is.”

Without providing any details, Nick went on to assert the 29-year-old’s accusations were “either untrue or best case scenario, lacking context” before adding:

“As I have stated before, I implemented a boundary to not engage in communication with Danielle for my own mental health because I did not feel like our communication was trustworthy or yielding positive outcomes. In good conscience, I will not share private matters or my experience in our relationship publicly because it’s not in my character to disparage people. I am and have been ready to stop living in the past and move forward.”

But their war of words didn’t end there! In a since-deleted Instagram post on Wednesday morning, Danielle clapped back and said things “behind the scenes” with Nick have been really bad. She began by writing:

“Please read.. bc I will no longer be controlled. I hope I don’t have to into detail. I would rather give half of what I have for freedom. What he has said in the public (outside of social media) but media outlets. The worst is happening behind the scenes. It’s sad again, I told him I’d support him going on the new show. Just because he isn’t saying things on social media doesn’t mean that there are not things behind the scenes are worse. I’m proactively saying this bc I know what he has in store with media, etc.. and bc he is about to go to these lows I’m being practice [sic].”

Danielle then claimed Nick and his team were going to “extreme measures” to try and “silence” her — that they thought her divorce filing hurt his chances of appearing on another reality show! She doesn’t go into specific details, only saying:

“I need to say this because Nick is taking extreme measures to take me down, silence me, and control the narrative because he had intended to go on another reality show and blames me for potentially being unable to. I have been warned by his team that this could get messy and certain things of mine will be at stake or taken if I even block him on social media.”

Whoa… That sounds like a threat…

Referring to his recent statements to media outlets, she continued:

“He is proactively going to outlets to make false statements. But on top of that, there have been tactics that Nick is taking to control the narrative, outside of just money, and emailed me blaming me for potentially ruining his chances of going on another show. I didn’t know he was applying and contacted people to ensure it didn’t ruin his chances.”

Danielle also accused him of “proactively trying to get media attention because he blames me for the divorce even though I filed because I knew it was in my best interest,” before adding:

“He said he was hoping the entire time he’d get a director deal. He can continue to try and silence me… or continue to punish me for doing what was in my best interest. But I hope people realize that he was enjoying the negative commentary and is trying to continue to make it the story line that makes him seem like a ‘savior.”

She concluded her lengthy statement:

“And it is going to higher efforts than divorce. When this comes to fruition, I will say more. [I] hoped it never got to this point. But if anyone had the full context, they would understand.”

Well, this nasty battle between Danielle and Nick doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon! We just wish we had any idea what she’s hinting is coming next! We certainly are curious to see what else Danielle has to say about the alleged intimidation tactics Nick has been doing behind the scenes and his response to her new accusations. What do YOU think about the latest in the divorce drama, Perezcious readers? Let us know your reactions to the situation in the comments (below).

[Image via Nick Thompson/Instagram, Danielle Ruhl/Instagram]

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