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Lukas Gage Cheated On Chris Appleton & Got Caught: SOURCE

Lukas Gage Cheated Chris Appleton Divorce

Oh man, the drama deepens!

When Chris Appleton filed for divorce from Lukas Gage after just SIX MONTHS of marriage, we knew it was going to get messy quick. But we had no idea HOW quick!

Kim Kardashian‘s go-to hairstylist pulled the trigger on Monday — just days after the couple’s adorable Sin City nuptials, officiated by Kim herself, were shown on Hulu‘s The Kardashians. They seemed so perfect! So what happened?!

We got our first peek on Thursday as a source told Lukas was the one to break things off because Chris got too “controlling and possessive.” They claimed Chris was only the first to file so he could save face in public. That insider hinted at the rumors of cheating, too — crossing the line in what was supposedly an “open” relationship.

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Well, someone is singing a different tune to Us Weekly! On Friday this source spilled:

“Lukas cheated on Chris and Chris found out over the weekend. That’s the reason [Chris] filed.”

Whoa! No hints, no suggestion. They’re just saying straightup that Lukas was the cheater! The insider also said the couple “were never in an open relationship” at all — so there could be no blaming that! Just plain ol’ cheating. Damn. And Chris found out over the weekend and immediately filed for divorce when the court opened on Monday? Wow…

Obviously if this is true, it’s devastating news for Chris. Another source told DM he was completely blindsided:

“There was a side to Lukas that Chris did not see prior to the marriage and this being Chris’s first marriage he went with a lot of love.”

A side like… being a cheating cheater?? We don’t know the truth, but we will say… A pretty common defense cheaters often employ is calling their significant other “possessive” for being upset about seeing actual signs of infidelity. It’s a kind of gaslighting that tells the suspicious partner they’re deranged for being suspicious. Again, we don’t know that’s what’s going on, but we’re starting to see a picture form as more and more sides to this come out…

[Image via MEGA/WENN.]

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Nov 17, 2023 15:50pm PDT

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