Transgender Employee Suing McDonald’s After Horrible Discrimination!

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We are absolutely heartbroken over these allegations!

In May of this year, transgender woman and former McDonald’s employee La’Ray Reed filed a civil rights lawsuit against the restaurant owner and the parent company after allegedly suffering multiples instances of sexual harassment and discrimination.

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According to the Redford, Michigan-native who worked at the fast food chain for six months in 2015, coworkers called her a “boy slash girl,” and one even groped her genitals with support from the manager. The supervisor allegedly said via headset to the entire staff:

“You can’t feel it from the front. You have to feel it from the back.”

Reed also claims the manager disallowed her to use the ladies restroom, and forced her to use a storage closet in the back. She said:

“I had never had a problem using the ladies room until this day… When I came out the restroom, the manager told me I could no longer use either of the restrooms in the lobby.”

When she reported the abuse to the franchise owner, she was later fired.

La’Ray is receiving support from Fight For $15, a group pressuring McDonald’s to raise their wages and to rectify their workers’ conditions. According to the movement:

“The growing number of allegations suggests a failure by McDonald’s to enforce the zero-tolerance policy against sexual harassment outlined in its Operations and Training and Policies for Franchisees manuals.”

The conglomeration and the franchise owner have yet to comment.

You can read the entire lawsuit HERE.

[Image via La’Ray Reed/Facebook.]

Jun 14, 2017 6:42pm PDT

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