McQueen To Sue Cadbury?

Alexander McQueen execs are mulling over the idea of suing the chocolate company Cadbury over a commercial.

The commercial in question is for Cadbury’s Flake bar, which shows a female floating while wind blows through her long frilly dress. McQueen argues that the ad is too similar to a hologram of Kate Moss that was shown at the designer’s runway show in 2006. The only thing they would say about the matter is that they are “seeking legal advice”.

A representative for Cadbury was quick to shoot down any such copying in statement:

“This is about Baillie Walsh‘s work. It was his house style that attracted us rather than any previous work he had done. The Alexander McQueen show is not relevant. His previous work was one of many of our visual references but not the only one. We would not accept the charge of imitation.”

So they did steal from him and others? Good job, Cadbury!

Check out the 2 videos above and let us know what U think!

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Jun 11, 2010 12:30pm PDT