Mel Gibson’s Domestic Violence Conviction Could Be EXPUNGED! Is The Superstar Getting Off Easy After Viciously Beating His Baby Momma?

mel gibson domestic battery conviction to be expunged oksana grigorieva attack vicious racist tirade

After serving three years of probation, completing 16 hours of community service, and undergoing 52 weeks of counseling, Mel Gibson might finally get to wipe his slate clean.

With his probation ending, his lawyers are filing paperwork that could EXPUNGE the battery conviction from his record!!!

In case you forgot, Mad Max Mel was caught on tape in 2010 telling his then girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva that she dressed like a “pig in heat” and suggesting she might get “raped by a pack of [n words.]” In 2011 he pled guilty to battery and admitted to striking her with an open hand. She alleged he was even more violent than that, saying he punched her in the mouth!

A hearing is set for later on this month, but since Mel has done everything the judge has asked it’s expected the actor will be allowed to withdraw his plea and clean this horrific smudge off of his criminal record. Permanently.

Ugh, those are harsh crimes!! All these years later we imagine Oksana is still haunted by the memories of her abuser’s torment, so is it fair that Mel gets to wash his hands of all this?

Is the former A-list actor getting special treatment for being a celebrity and being awesome in the Lethal Weapon movies??

We don’t know, but just because the courts are erasing all record of the time Mel Gibson beat up Oksana doesn’t mean YOU have to!

He can live on in your heart as a vicious domestic abuser for as long as you deem necessary!

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May 6, 2014 9:06am PDT