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Miley Cyrus Retaliates Against Sinead O'Connor's Concerns By COMPARING HER TO AMANDA BYNES!

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Whoa. This is beyond catty.

Yesterday Sinead O’Connor published an open letter to Miley Cyrus, loaded with her concerns that the young singer was being pimped and exploited by her team.

And Miley responded by comparing her to Amanda Bynes — a person whose troubles have lead her into psychiatric treatment.

Miley tweeted a screengrab of what appears to have been a Sinead-written Twitter rant from the past, where she speaks of her own mental health concerns:

We understand Miley’s feelings may have been hurt after hearing Sinead’s less than approving words, especially after Miley said Sinead was her inspiration for the Wrecking Ball video, but still.

It is never okay to poke fun at mental health. Ever.

We hope this brewing feud ends ASAP because we’d love to see them celebrate their talents together!!

CLICK HERE to read Sinead’s open letter!

UPDATE: Miley has added another tweet against Sinead:

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Oct 03, 2013 12:15pm PDT