Miley Cyrus Is Keeping Casual With Kellan Lutz Because She Suspects He’s Famewhoring Off Her?!

miley cyrus worried kellan lutz using for fame

Well, when you’re as famous as Miley Cyrus, you’d be smart to wonder this about everyone!

And considering everyone in the whole world Kellan Lutz is nowhere near Mileybird’s star power, he could certainly benefit from a little bit of her shine!

That’s just what Miley is apparently worried about because she’s supposedly suspicious about Kellan using her to increase his own celebrity since he does have his new Hercules film coming out!

An insider has revealed why Miley is keeping her rumored romance with Kellan casual instead of trying to get her second engagement ring from her new luvah! The insider said:

“The timing of these hookups are suspect to Miley. She thinks that he might be using her for the media aspect of things. He has a movie coming out next week and a lot of late night shows and other places will cover [their relationship], and will want to book him on their shows. So she is very suspect of his true intentions, that is the main reason she isn├óΓé¼Γäót diving into a relationship with him.”

Well, he certainly did get some attention for keeping his head close to her crotch this weekend in Las Vegas!

But, maybe his crotch-clinging raised some suspicions in Mileybird, which could explain her twerkfest on another gent at the club!

Oh Mileybird, it must be hard when everyone wants a sip of your superstar juices!

[Images via Splash News.]

Dec 30, 2013 1:52pm PDT

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