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"Miracle Dog" Nearly FULLY Recovered!!

Redemption song!
A defenseless Rottweiler was found wandering along a road, and later discovered to be have been shot 3 times–including once in the head.
But what could’ve easily been a sad and depressing tale turned into a happy and wagging tail! The dog is almost fully recovered, and is nearly ready to be adopted by a loving family.
Here’s what the vet, who personally nursed the dog back to health, said:

“When you look at the x-rays, the number of times he was shot, and where he was shot, and the fact that you found him on County Line Road, it is a miracle this dog is alive.”

The scariest part is that during the dog’s recovery, the pup has shown no aggressiveness towards people. So it may have been that someone shot the dog just for their own sick pleasure!
Here’s what the fellah who originally found the dog said:

“I think it is a shame there are people out there who would do something like this. I don’t see how he survived three shots. Secondly, how he made it through all that rush hour traffic. I have no idea, but he is going to make somebody a great pet. And he gets a second chance.”

That second chance was brought about because of two extraordinary human beings, and the dog who will forever be proof that miracles can in fact happen!!
[Image via Twitter.]

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Feb 01, 2013 19:02pm PDT

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