Nancy Grace Defends Her Remarks About Whitney Houston Being Murdered

Phew. This clip (above) is a little exhausting. Let’s give you some details before you jump into it.

On Monday, Nancy Grace made a not so tactful comment while discussing the investigation of Whitney Houston’s cause of death. Anyone who has ever watched Nancy’s show before realizes that she is a brazen woman, prone to saying things that others wouldn’t dare say. In regards to Whitney, rather than just say that investigators had to rule out murder as a cause of death, she painted a graphic image that horrified a lot of people, alluding to someone “pushing” or holding Whitney under the water in the tub.

This morning, Nancy was asked on Good Morning America to explain her speculation and word choice, but true to form, she made no apologies for her statements and insisted that she was merely referring to the reality of the tragedy.

Check out the video to watch the prosecutor instincts come flying out of her and hear her defense.

The truth of the matter is, she could have been more delicate, but that’s just not Nancy’s style. So, you either have to take her at face value, which is abrasive, or just put her out of your mind.

Feb 16, 2012 4:50pm PDT

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