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New Court Docs Reveal Brutal Details Of 1994 Abduction & Rape Charges Against Nicki Minaj's Boyfriend Kenneth Petty

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We’ve known for some time now that Nicki Minaj‘s new boyfriend, Kenneth Petty, is (to say the very least) a highly controversial figure with a checkered past.
Petty is a convicted sex offender who also pled guilty on a manslaughter charge in his past, as we’ve reported on extensively — but now, new court documents have been released from more than 20 years ago that show just how horrific, violent, and brutal Petty’s past offenses really were.
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The documents obtained by The Blast from the 1994 rape case against Petty reveal a 16-year-old female victim explaining a truly terrifying situation to the police, in which she alleges she was abducted at gunpoint and violently raped by Petty.
The victim stated that on September 16, 1994, she was walking down the street in Queens, New York, when Petty came up behind her and “placed a hard circular object” against her back that “made a clicking sound.”
Believing Petty was holding a handgun against her body, the victim complied as he ordered her to “keep walking,” and Petty eventually took her to an upstairs bedroom in a home down the street.
There, the victim alleged in the now nearly 25-year-old report that Petty forced himself onto her, and “laid his weight on top … pinched her sides and squeezed her neck causing her to sustain bruises and pain” before he “forced his penis” inside her.
Afterwards, he “brandished a knife” against the girl’s stomach and continued to hold her in the house against her will for a few more hours.
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Eventually, the girl alleges in the report that she struck him with a bottle and was eventually able to escape.
Initially, cops charged Petty with five crimes: rape in the first degree, sexual abuse in the first degree, unlawful imprisonment in the second degree, assault in the second degree and criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree.
But as he did with his manslaughter charge that had initially been a murder rap, Petty was eager to plead down the case — and he eventually walked it all the way back to a single count of attempted rape in the first degree, for which he served four years’ time in prison.
That report contains horrifically serious, violent allegations that Petty was able to plead down to a comparatively minor offense — attempted rape.
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It’s unclear whether Nicki Minaj knows all these details about her new boyfriend, though she has often defended him vocally in the recent past from other criticisms.
And of course, she’s already been on record noting that Petty is one of the earliest loves of her life, from back 20 years ago when she was just a teenager in New York.
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