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Nicki Minaj Appears FED UP With Media Outlets Reminding Everyone That Her BF Has A Criminal Record!

Nicki Minaj’s registered sex offender boyfriend already did the time, so she doesn’t see why y’all can’t forgive him for his crimes already.
The Good Form songstress took to social media on Friday to respond to the reports about her new beau’s not-so-great inmate report card from when he was serving time after pleading guilty to manslaughter in 2002.
As reported by TMZ, Kenneth Petty was written up eighteen times while he was in the slammer for violent conduct violations and disobeying a direct order; one 2009 incident earned him nine violations and four months of solitary confinement. But it’s 2018 now and Barbie wants the media to get over it.
Video: Nicki Grinds Up On Her Controversial Man
Fed up with what she appears to perceive as holier-than-thou criticism, the 36-year-old rapper took to her Instagram Stories to shade certain media outlets for continuing to condemn the man she might just marry and produce offspring with. She wrote:

TMZ, Y’all can post these till ur blue in the face. No one on God’s green earth is perfect. Oh, I forgot- y’all have never sinned; nor have your loved ones. Heard you.”

A sin’s a sin. And if God can see the good in murderers and sex offenders, then who is Nicki — or the media — to judge?
nicki minaj sex offender bf
Do U think convicted sex offenders and admitted killers can change?
[Image via Nicki Minaj/Instagram]

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Dec 14, 2018 15:13pm PDT