Offset’s $150,000 Chain Was Allegedly Stolen From His Hotel Room After Met Gala!


All sorts of drama happened for Offset and Cardi B following the Met Gala.

Not only did the 25-year-old rapper’s security team allegedly beat up an autograph-seeking fan, but now we’re hearing the Migos member also had his $150,000 chain stolen from his hotel room Tuesday night!

According to reports, the rappers checked out of their Hotel Sixty LES suite without the diamond chain, and now the piece of jewelry is missing.

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A police source reportedly said the 26-year-old artist left it on the coffee table while the room’s door was open:

“They had left the door open so people could come in and out of the room. The door was left open even when they weren’t in the room.”

When he discovered the chain was missing after he landed back in Atlanta, Offset had his manager and hotel staff search high and low for the jewels to no avail.

So far, no signs of it turning up.

[Image via Instagram.]

May 10, 2018 11:38am PDT

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