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Can YOU Sing: Tegan and Sara - "Closer"??? THESE FOLKS CAN!

Why is The Boom Boom not signed to a major label yet???
This Canadian act has entered our “Can YOU Sing?” contest before – winning – and they have once again won our latest with their EXCEPTIONAL re-imagining of fellow Canadians Tegan and Sara‘s Closer!
We know talent – and The Boom Boom‘s lead singer is such a superstar! And her bandmate/producing partner is equally talented!
We have no affiliation with them, we just really believe in them and their music!
Check out their cover above!
And check out our very worthy 2nd place entry… after the jump!

Wow! We were also very impressed by and wish to congratulate Regina Zaremba! Our 2nd place winner turned the uptempo party jam into a sweet, sincere and simple acoustic guitar plea! Check out the beautiful interpretation below! And THANK YOU to everyone who entered!!!

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May 15, 2013 02:42am PDT