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Can YOU Sing???

Bigger, Better and DIFFERENT! The Return Of 'Can YOU Sing?'

We’re back! And, we’ve changed things up – a lot!
Are you in a vocal group or choir? Then we want to hear YOUR best covers of Meghan Tranor‘s All About That Bass! And…
Not only will your video be featured on and promoted on social media, but…
For the first time ever we are giving out CASH prizes!
Yeah, baby!
The 1st place winner – selected solely by Perez based on merit – will receive $500!
And the 2nd place winner will receive $350 and that will go to whichever entry gets the most amount of views!
AND, if the best video also happens to be the one with the most views, then that submission will get both prizes plus some extra and take home $1,000!
Watch the video above for all the most important rules you need to know – including deadline, how to submit (by emailing [email protected]) and what you MUST state verbally at the beginning of each entry.
Have fun! Be creative! Tell all your friends and classmates to enter!
And get to it!!!
CLICK HERE to check out the FULL contest entry rules!

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Sep 22, 2014 14:12pm PDT