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Pete Davidson On Whether He'll Be Back On SNL Next Season

Pete Davidson Leaving SNL Interview Last Season

Is Pete Davidson done at Saturday Night Live??

The weekend sketch show propelled him to fame, most notably in the segments on “Weekend Update” in which he was allowed to just be himself.

But his celebrity exploded after a quickie engagement to Ariana Grande got everyone interested in his love life. And over the past couple years he’s made himself a nice little movie career in films like Big Time Adolescence, the upcoming The Suicide Squad, and the semi-autobiographical The King Of Staten Island.

While the path to movie stardom might not have been exactly orthodox for an SNL star — he didn’t expand a beloved sketch character into a movie or anything — his next step might be pretty standard: stepping away from the TV staple.

During a roundtable for The Hollywood Reporter last month, he casually threw out that he was “ready to hang up the jersey.” And during May’s season finale, he told the audience:

“I’m very grateful to be here, and it’s been an honor to grow up in front of you guys.”

Which many took as a goodbye speech!

Video: See More Highlights From The SNL Finale

So is he gone for good or not? Speaking to Gold Derby on Monday, he answered:

“I don’t know what the plan is. Everything’s kind of up in the air right now just depending on scheduling.”

The 27-year-old explained about his readiness to leave the show at the end of the 46th season, saying:

“It is my seventh year, and that’s usually what the contract’s usually for, so it was really emotional. I worked with these guys for a fourth of my life, and I started there with acne and left with tattoos, and it was just, like, a very crazy, long period of time.”

Wow! Seven years! Time just flies so fast it’s easy to miss how long it’s been for the people on the show. Most TV jobs are lucky to go seven years. That’s how long Buffy and Gilmore Girls lasted for comparison.

Why isn’t he for sure leaving then? Well, when it came to the end of the season, things were in a different place — as New York City was slowly reopening after the horror of the pandemic. Pete recalled:

“I wasn’t ready for the season to end yet because I was really having so much fun. Just watching it go from one-third of an audience to [one-half] … and the last show was a full audience for the first time, just hearing that laugh, that full room laugh … I was just so emotional.”

Will he ultimately change his mind? We’ll have to see! “Depending on scheduling.”

Something tells us that means depending on how many movies he books whether he has time for the show… Or possibly how much money they offer him for a new contract??

[Image via SNL/Warner Bros/YouTube.]

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