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Pregnant Influencer Jackie Miller James In Coma After Brain Aneurysm Ruptures -- A Week Before Due Date!

Pregnant Influencer Jackie Miller James In Coma After Aneurysm Ruptures -- A Week Before Due Date!

We’re sending so much love and healing to Jackie Miller James.

The 35-year-old lifestyle and beauty influencer was already nine months pregnant when she suddenly collapsed in her California home two weeks ago. According to a GoFundMe set up on Tuesday by her sisters, Natalie and Nicelle, she was found unconscious by her husband Austin James who immediately rushed his pregnant wife to the hospital.

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In just the nick of time, Jackie and her unborn baby got the medical care she needed to survive. The family soon found out she had a ruptured brain aneurysm.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, about 25% of people who experience a brain aneurysm rupture die within 24 hours and about 50% of people die within three months of the rupture due to complications. Of those who survive, about 66% experience permanent brain damage — but it is possible to recover completely with “little to no disability” if you receive the right medical care.

This was just one week out from Jackie’s due date. Because of the life-threatening situation, doctors had to perform brain surgery and an emergency c-section at the SAME TIME in order to save both mom and baby’s lives. The sisters wrote in the campaign:

“We are deeply saddened to share that our sister, Jacqueline (Jackie), was nine months pregnant and one week from her due date, when she suffered an aneurysm rupture, leading to severe brain bleeding and injury. Jackie was found immediately by her husband, Austin, and was rushed to the emergency room and into an operation where they performed an emergency C-section and brain surgery simultaneously.”

As of three days ago, Natalie and Nicelle say their sister and her baby girl remain in the hospital — and Jackie is in a medically induced coma:

“Twelve days after this incident, Jackie remains in a medically induced coma and has undergone five separate brain procedures. Jackie is expected to remain in the ICU for weeks and will continue to be hospitalized for months. The baby girl remained in the NICU after 12 days due to the traumatic events of her birth … Jackie’s husband and family have not left her side since the incident. They are navigating taking care of a newborn in the ICU while fighting to keep Jackie alive.”

It’s still a scary situation — but it’s a miracle there’s even still hope! The description went on to say that if Austin had arrived even minutes later to the hospital, neither mother nor child would be alive today:

“If Jackie and the baby arrived a few minutes later at the hospital, we likely would have lost both of them. But instead, Jackie is continuing to fight for her life each day and we are optimistic she can beat the odds by surrounding her with the right specialists and methods of therapy. While the road will be long, we are committed to bringing Jackie home to her daughter and husband.”

So terrifying… If you’d like to donate, you can click HERE.

We’re heartbroken to hear the news about Jackie and her baby, and we continue to send love and light amid their recovery. We hope to see them both healing and at home very soon.

[Image via Jackie James Miller/Instagram]

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