Newly Released Police Documents May Have Just Confirmed Prince’s Drug Addiction — & An Heir To The Singer’s Fortune

prince police records drug use

Prince may have been addicted to more than just Percocet.

On Tuesday, it was revealed that someone made a call to the Carver County Sheriff’s Department several years ago because they were concerned about the Purple Rain singer’s cocaine habits. WHAT?

According to TMZ, the newly released records show that the call was placed by a woman on June 20, 2011 who shared that Prince had told her in Germany a year prior that he could not “control his habit.” Wow.

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Apparently, the cops discussed the concerning phone call amongst themselves and informed the woman that they had decided to not pursue the matter further since the information was over a year old and the Grammy winner didn’t appear to be in any immediate danger. Hmm, go on!

Perhaps the officers should’ve looked into the situation more closely since, a different document, revealed that a male matching Prince’s description was rushed to the hospital because of “dehydration” back in 2013. How sad!

Nonetheless, in a crazier turn of events, ANOTHER note showed that just days after the icon’s death, a woman called claiming that she and Prince had a 17 year old son together. Supposedly, the purpose of the April 21 call was to grant her flesh and blood access to the boy’s “father’s” funeral.

It hasn’t confirmed whether or not this teenager was ACTUALLY fathered by the Raspberry Beret artist. Although, since the A-lister didn’t leave behind a will, the reveal of an undisclosed child could make the battle for Prince’s estate even MORE complicated. We doubt Prince’s siblings would be happy to discover that they had a nephew!

A few things we still need answered is one) who is the mystery woman who called the cops, two) was it actually Prince who was hospitalized because of dehydration, and three) is there a mini-Prince out there somewhere? Stay tuned for more details on this CRAZY story!

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May 3, 2016 12:12pm PST

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