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Teresa Giudice Accuses Jacqueline Laurita Of Getting Her Sent To Prison! Get All The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Reunion Drama HERE!

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Now that’s a reunion!
If you love The Real Housewives of New Jersey as much as we do, then we’re SURE you tuned into Sunday night’s part one of the reunion special with Andy Cohen!
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ICYMI for some reason, there were a TON of great moments that mostly involved Teresa Giudice as she addressed the Lexus controversy and got into it with Jacqueline Laurita SEVERAL times!
Throughout the entire interview, Teresa and Jacqueline seemed at odds as they kept taking shots at each other, but the BEST moment had to be when Giudice accused her costar of hatching a scheme that sent her to prison. WHAT?!
Ch-ch-check out ALL the best moments from last night’s special as we wait for part two next Sunday!
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Teresa Rolling Around In A Lexus After Jail
You’re probably aware that after Miz Giudice got out of prison, she got some flak for being spotted driving around in a new Lexus despite owing money to the government. Well, the ROHNJ stars got to address their costar regarding the controversy, but she did NOT seem to care!
After the ladies asked whether or not the mother-of-four realized that driving a luxury car might bring some criticism from outsiders, Teresa simply shrugged and replied:

“I can’t worry about what it looks like to people.”

Andy then chimed in saying that it would have made A LOT more sense to get a practical car like a Ford. The reality star then responded to the WWHL host asking, “Would you drive a Ford?”
The Bravo king IMMEDIATELY hit back with the PERFECT response saying, “If I owed a lot of money, yes.”
He’s got ya there, Tre! LOLz!
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Jacqueline Gushes About Being A Grandma And Clears The Air
Sure, Jacqueline might only be 46, but she has no problem gushing about her new grandson! Jac started off by talking about how incredible it was to be in the room with her daughter, Ashlee, when she gave birth, saying:

“It was so amazing and Pete [Ashlee’s fianc├â┬⌐] was down in her face and he was talking to her so sweet.”

Jac then addressed the misconception, so to speak, that her daughter was proposed to only because she was pregnant.
The reality star explained Ashlee didn’t even know she was preggers when Pete proposed!
Teresa Calls Out Jac’s “Ape” Tweet
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While Jac was talking about her daughter’s bundle of joy, Teresa and her new BFF Melissa Gorga were having their own side convo about some questionable things Laurita posted on Twitter recently. Tre even called her costar out, revealing:

“She’s a mom, but the other night she was tweeting a picture of me as an ape.”

Jac responded by saying:

“That was because you were making fun of the way I look on the show!”

The two women then fired back at each other as they both said their daughters needed to learn respect. Don’t worry, it gets worse…
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Andy Likes Joe Gorga “Pretty D*ck” And Talks Sexism
If you remember, there was a clip during the season in which Joe Gorga‘s package was in full view, and well, Andy certainly had some opinions on Gorga’s peen!
The host admitted, “He’s got a pretty d–k” — at which point Melissa chimed in and said her hubby “could be a penis model.” LOLz!
But Joe wasn’t getting off with only compliments!
Andy asked Melissa’s other half to admit his comments about bringing home the cake while his wife brought home crumbs was sexist! While Joe did his best to defend himself by asking Andy to “define sexist”, his wife replied with the BEST answer saying straight up:

“You were being an asshole.”

Oddly enough, Joe went on to admit that he lost his virginity when he was only nine years old, and Teresa admitted that she walked in on it happening. Uhm, what?!
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Teresa Accuses Jacqueline Of Getting Her Sent To Prison
The REAL meat of the reunion came when Melissa and Teresa ganged up to accuse Jac of those #Strippergate rumors — and sending Giudice to prison!
Though Miz Gorga did her best to blame Jacqueline for spreading the rumors about her being a stripper a while back, the new grandma responded:

“I swear on my children I had no involvement. I never did anything to hurt you.”

Well this didn’t really convince Melissa OR Teresa. In fact, Tre decided to raise the accusations a notch as she blamed Jac for selling a story about her going to jail, yelling:

“You wrote that story about the jail! You needed the money!”

Things only got worse from there as the ladies fired shots about their husbands cheating on them! It was after this nasty exchange that Giudice went for the kill shot as she said:

“You set me up. In my gut, either you, or you and Caroline [Manzo], set me up. You guys were behind everything, calling the government, everything, yes.”

As you can imagine, Dolores Catania and Siggy Flicker were both SHOCKED and wanted the 44-year-old to explain.
The reality mom was apparently pretty relieved to share the info as she admitted:

“I’m so happy I got that off my chest. I believe that. I do believe that. I believe it in my gut. I feel it in my gut. You are gross, and you set me up!”

Do YOU think Jac really set Teresa up?!
Make sure you catch part 2 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion when it airs Sunday, November 13, at 10 p.m. EST on Bravo!
[Image via Bravo.]

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