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Road Rage Continues Ravaging SoCal As Video Catches Man Attacking Car With A PIPE!!

Road Rage Continues Ravaging SoCal As Video Catches Man Attacking Car With A PIPE!!

It’s getting crazy out there, people.

Road rage in SoCal has been on the rise for months now — years, it feels like. Of course, El Lay is the highway capital of the world — so a lot of it comes down to California’s driving culture. Lot of people, lot of traffic, and whole hell of a lot of bad drivers. But some of the viral stories coming from Cali roads lately are getting truly scary! Like that movie Unhinged (above) scary!

On Wednesday, police announced they are investigating an incident that occurred early that morning on the California State Route 2 freeway in the El Lay suburb of Glendale. Video from a dash cam shows a man stopping his car in the middle of the highway, getting out, and attacking another car with a PIPE!!

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It all started moments earlier, when the victim of the second pipe attack was able to film the attacker hitting a first car with the same pipe in ANOTHER road rage incident. The witness followed the attacker’s car to grab footage of his license plate. At some point, the attacker noticed he was being filmed. So he stopped his car in the middle of the busy highway and rushed out with his pipe to attack the observer’s car, too!!

The witness spoke to ABC 7 News about the attack, revealing:

“The guy notices I’m recording. Next thing you know he’s pounding on my car with a pipe.”

It all came about because the second victim was trying to help the first one. The witness — who did not want his identity revealed by the outlet — explained he was simply trying to document the initial incident that occurred moments before:

“I wanted to help this one person. They seemed they were in a scary event. Next thing you know I’m in a scary event.”

No kidding…

Thankfully, the victim in the second attack wasn’t hurt. He said his car suffered scratches and dents from the incident, though. No word on what happened with the first car.

You can see the shocking video for yourself (below):


Two road rage incidents just minutes apart?? One is too many. But two?! What kind of person does this?!?!

According to the news outlet, the California Highway Patrol is now investigating the incident. Let’s hope they can figure out what happened.

So scary!

[Image via Rotten Tomatoes Trailers/YouTube]

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