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Ryland Adams Tries To Save Fiancé Shane Dawson From Being Canceled: 'He's A Genuine Person'

Ryland Adams defends Shane Dawson amid outrage

Shane Dawson’s fiancé is finally ready to talk about the YouTube titan’s old, offensive content!

This week, Ryland Adams uploaded his first video since late June, in which he took several minutes to address the backlash surrounding Dawson’s earlier inappropriate content and ultimately defend his future-husband.

At the beginning of the video, titled My Past, My Present, and My Future, the vlogger said:

“I wanted to jump on before I started posting videos again to acknowledge what’s been going on with Shane and I, and Shane’s past. I didn’t initially jump in and insert myself because I didn’t want to add to the intense negativity that was circulating about all of these old clips, and I wanted to process and think for myself.”

For those who don’t know, Dawson came under fire in June after certain upsetting videos of his resurfaced, in which he used the N-word, wore blackface, and made pedophilia jokes. The makeup mogul eventually published a video apologizing for all this, but critics weren’t having it — especially after both Jaden Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith called Dawson out for an old video in which he appears to pretend to masturbate to a photo of 11-year-old Willow Smith.

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In the weeks since, several businesses, including Target and Morphe, severed ties with Dawson and vowed to no longer sell his products. Meanwhile, Dawson and Adams had been largely silent on social media — save for June 30, when both quickly reacted to Tati Westbrook’s bombshell video in which she accused Dawson and Jeffree Star of manipulating her into starting the beauty community beef fans know as Dramageddon 2.0.

In his new video, Adams explained why he publicly popped off on Tati and didn’t respond to the drama surrounding his fiancé, telling viewers that he was around for the events leading up to Tati’s video, but not when Shane posted his “highly insensitive and offensive jokes” years ago. He mused:

“I know that while they were far in his past, it’s hard to separate that person from who he is today, especially when you’re seeing them in real time and your feelings are being hurt right now, and I can never take that away from you and say you have to accept his apology or even ask that you do.” 

Making it clear he was standing by Dawson’s side, Adams encouraged fans to “champion change and growth” as opposed to “cancelling someone all together.”

He noted:

“At some point, I hope we can champion change and growth over cancelling someone all together or going for the absolute worst on the internet and I say this because I know Shane has had to address his past more than most people in the world… It’s forced him to look into what he did, its impact, and really truly grow from that. I think if you’ve been watching Shane for a long time you know he’s a genuine person with good intentions.”

Ryland said he believes that Dawson’s old offenses shouldn’t take away “from the incredible content he’s put out over the years,” adding of today’s cancel culture:

“What I hate to see is because of something in someone’s past, the result is that no one can be associated with them, or like them, and we can’t allow growth. Instead, we have to ruin, throw in the trash, and they can’t be spoken about ever again.” 

Do U think he makes a fair point, Perezcious readers? Or should Dawson be canceled for good? After all, actions should have consequences, and Dawson himself said he “should have been punished” for posting the inaaprioate content…

Watch Ryan’s video in full (below) and share your thoughts in the comments.

[Image via Ryland Adams/Instagram]

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Aug 06, 2020 20:32pm PDT

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