Scott Disick Has No Airport Etiquette


Ugh. Some people never change.

On Sunday, Scott Disick was booked on a flight from Chicago to New York in order make a party in the Hamptons. Scott decided he had no time to waste on this trip and proceeded to rush past other passengers on his Southwest flight in an effort to get on the plane first. According to a fellow flier, he plowed past a young couple with twins AND an elderly man, who so eloquently asked, “Who is this schmuck?”

When he made his way to the gate, Scott tried to pay off the attendant to get ahead of everyone else, but the attendant turned around and scolded him for his behavior. That’s when he turned his attention to another, more “star-struck” attendant, who gave him an emergency exit row all to himself.

Ah! The only way to travel: selfishly!

When pressed about the story, Disick’s rep said:

“He never offered any bribes and didn’t cut in front of a couple with twins. Yes, a flight lady did save him an exit row because she was a fan. The flight had an emergency landing in Detroit, and Southwest had to find another plane and it took 10 hours to get to New York.”

So says you. Others say much differently.

But how interesting is it that rep denies the bribe story, but not the one about Scott blowing past an old dude to get on the plane before him!

So, he’s not a cheat. Just rude. Understood.

[Image via WENN.]

Jun 3, 2011 2:00am PDT

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