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Check Out Sharon Stone's DUMBFOUNDING Quote About Why We Should Un-Cancel Kevin Spacey!

Check Out Sharon Stone's INSANE Quote About Why We Should Un-Cancel Kevin Spacey!

Sharon Stone has THOUGHTS on Kevin Spacey’s current status in Hollywood.

It’s no secret the House of Cards actor experienced a MAJOR fall from grace after being accused of sexual assault by several men across several years. He was found not guilty on all counts during his UK trial last summer, but that had its own controversy… After all, two of his accusers happened to die, it’s been a whole mess. Then there was the fact he responded to accusations he groped a 14-year-old boy by coming out, acting like people were attacking him because he was gay. So harmful to the rest of the LGBT community.

So yeah, in the court of public opinion, he didn’t fare quite so well.

Sharon Stone, however, is one of a handful of actors who have been defending Spacey! In May, the Basic Instinct actress opened up about the Usual Suspects star’s icky legal issues in an interview with The Telegraph, revealing that she “can’t wait” for him to return to Tinsel Town after being acquitted. She told the outlet at the time:

“I can’t wait to see Kevin back at work. He is a genius. He is so elegant and fun, generous to a fault and knows more about our craft than most of us ever will.”

And now, she’s doubling down in the WILDEST way possible.

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While addressing controversy for her May comment, the 66-year-old told The Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday:

“People are mad at me for that. I said that after being in therapy for seven years, not being allowed to work, losing his home, losing everything, he should be allowed to come back. He’s reached out to everybody he’s offended and said he’s sorry.”

Uhhh, newsflash: just because you apologize for something doesn’t mean you’re automatically deserving of forgiveness! Is that all Harvey Weinstein needs to do in her view? Get therapy and apologize? She’s acting like we should let him out of prison or something, when the truth is what she’s asking for is for everyone to APPLAUD HIM AS A MOVIE STAR AGAIN, and sorry — that is not a basic right. It’s a privilege, and he lost it by doing horrible things.

The Casino star even admits to believing the worst about Spacey and still thinks everyone should give him a break! She brazenly added:

“Kevin grabbed people by their genitals. Many people. But nobody [has publicly said] he’s raped them or forced them into a sexual encounter.”

Wow. We just… wow.

Sorry, he sexually assaulted “many people” but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been? Is she serious?? We thought Sharon Stone was in MENSA! Honestly, that may be the worst defense we’ve ever heard in our lives. She continued:

“But there’s so much hatred for him because in his case it was man-on-man. That’s why he’s not allowed to come back. Because he offended men. But can I tell you how many men have grabbed my genitals in my lifetime? A lot more than Kevin Spacey has grabbed men’s genitals. And none of them has ever apologized to me.”

OMFG, Sharon! Her PR team sure has their work cut out for them after this one… But she doesn’t care! She went on:

“I’ve been canceled left and right. But now I’m back in fashion again. All the things that I said and did in the ’90s that were so outrageous are now in fashion. Here’s the thing — I’m a dark horse. I love dark horses. I don’t want to be a white horse or wear a white hat. And I get that not everybody thinks I’m a good person. I get that people think I’m difficult. But I’m the person who wants to make sure you have water to drink and wants to make sure you have books to read and somewhere to read them.”

Wowza. So much to unpack here. What do YOU make of her comments, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments down below.

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