Simon Cowell Is Smart!


Well, we knew that already, but he’s REALLY smart!

Simon Cowell is rumored to have hired an SEO firm that places positive stories about the former American Idol judge at the top of search engine results!

Supposedly critics of Cowell are having a hard time finding their work via a search engine and it’s assumed that an SEO firm is behind the mystery.

For example Hans Ebert wrote a scathing blog about Cowell and it was “de-activated” by his blog host for violating the “Terms of Condition.”

After 12 hours the blog was reinstated and after Ebert did some research, the trail led to “an SEO company out of Bangalore, who is hired by a company based out of London to ‘monitor’ news of a few ‘name personalities.'”


Cowell’s spokeswoman says the story isn’t true, but experts think SEO firm Reputation Management Consultants are behind it.

We may have to look into doing this, too!


Update: A rep for Cowell tells us, “None of us, including Simon, have even heard of this company or that guy’s blog. Simon knows if he gives criticism out he will get it back – and he encourages that when its right – always has done”.

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Aug 11, 2010 9:00pm PST

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