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Sinead O'Connor Blasts Miley Cyrus For Mocking Her Mental Health Issues, Threatens To Involve Lawyers!!!

sinead oconnor blasts miley cyrus mental health issues contacts lawyer facebook post

Whoa!!! Suddenly they’re in a full blown feud!

Earlier today Miley Cyrus tweeted shade at Sinead O’Connor, who recently wrote an open letter offering her unsolicited advice. Miley brought up some of Sinead’s old tweets from a time when she was ill and then compared her to Amanda Bynes!

Whether or not the We Can’t Stop singer’s tweets were light-hearted jokes or mean spirited jabs is unclear, but there’s nothing ambiguous about Sinead’s reaction: she is FURIOUS!

The Irish songstress vented on Facebook this afternoon, and she was appalled by MileyBird’s apparent “mockery” of Sinead’s previous mental health issues!

She thinks it’s bullying, and she thinks it can be deadly. More than that, she also contacted her lawyers!!!

Here is her entire message:

Ms Cyrus has today posted tweets of mine which are two years old and which were sent when I was ill and seeking medical help. She has done this in an attempt to deliberately cause me harm and hurt. I wish to confirm that I am quite well and kindly request people cease e mailing me in the mistaken belief these are recent tweets.
Ms Cyrus’ lawyers will be contacted by mine regarding this matter.
I confirm also that I do not at all support or condone the abuse or mockery of those who have been brave enough to openly discuss mental health issues. Mockery causes deaths. Period. It is an unacceptable form of bullying, no matter who it is doing the bullying.


Since then, Miley stated she’s too busy with hosting SNL to respond with an open letter of her own!

Yikes! This is getting messy!

Who do U think is at fault?

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[Image via Facebook/Terry Richardson.]

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Oct 03, 2013 21:46pm PDT