Snapchat Stalking Is REAL! Hackers Reveal How To Steal Any Snapchat User’s Phone Number!

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Worst. Christmas. Present. EVER.

All that most Snapchat users wanted under their Christmas tree this year were unsolicited and untraceable pics of some random dude’s junk, but they might getting something much, much worse!

Earlier this week, a security company called GibSec published documentation which could potentially cripple Snapchat. They concluded the popular smartphone app could be easily manipulated to benefit would be spammers and stalkers!

Snapchat prides itself on anonymity, but apparently this huge hole in the program’s security allows hackers to get phone numbers of ANY Snapchat user they want!!!

Oh noes!!! That’s not good at all! Not one bit!

GibSec says they brought this security snafu to the attention of Snapchat’s programmers months ago, but they just aren’t fixing the code!!

Yikes! We wonder if people are going to stop using the app once they find out the risks involved?!

Dec 26, 2013 10:30pm PDT

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