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Social Media Star Claims To Have Tested Positive For Coronavirus After Taking Part In Viral Toilet Seat Challenge...

Social media influencer claims tested positive for coronavirus after licking toilet seat

The things some people will do for clout on social media…

A California-based social media influencer has reportedly tested positive for novel coronavirus (COVID-19), just days after he participated in a viral challenge where he licked a public toilet seat. Yeah… not too bright!

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The influencer, who goes by Larz as well as GayShawnMendes on social media channels, first announced the diagnosis on Twitter earlier this week, simply tweeting, “I tested positive for coronavirus.” According to, he shared a photo of himself lying in a hospital bed along with the tweet, though it’s tough to verify whether he truly did test positive considering there’s very little other information to go off, and his Twitter account has since been suspended.

Late last night over on Instagram, he posted a video again purportedly showing himself in a hospital bed and told fans he was “really doped up” on medicine. You can see that very short clip (below):

Whatever is going on there, Larz’s reportedly positive test comes just days after he participated in the viral toilet seat-licking challenge. On March 20, the online personality posted a video clip of himself in a public bathroom performing the task. Gross…

It’s unclear what his health status is now; according to People, the social media star has not responded to a request for comment.

Coronavirus Challenge Gone Wrong!

As we previously reported, the toilet seat-licking challenge popped up earlier this month when social media influencer Ava Louise decided to post footage of herself licking a toilet seat on a commercial airplane. The video, which has received well over half a million views, quickly sparked outrage and disgust among many viewers — but it appears that others took the challenge and ran with it.

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And the whole thing might be funny (kind of, in, like, a super-disgusting way) were it not for the fact that people are dying at an increasingly rapid rate from coronavirus, both in the United States and around the world. It’s refreshing to see some celebrities take seriously the precautions set forth by public health officials. Still, others are ignoring them at their own peril, and potentially putting other lives in danger, as well. But this toilet-seat licking challenge… this thing is on another level entirely — and we do NOT mean that in a good way.

What do U make of all this craziness, Perezcious readers? Are U surprised an influencer apparently contracted coronavirus days after licking a toilet seat? Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, they say… is this just another example of that, or do you feel sorry for the guy??

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[Image via The Cut/YouTube]

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