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Say Cheese Oats!

A new study has found about 75% of British women now avoid taking photos for fear of how they’ll look.
Considering so many people use social networking sites now, many are worried they’ll look awful in a photo which will then appear online.
The study found that almost half of women now “hate” the way they look in photos.
The findings show that 52% of women hate their smile the most when viewing photos. That’s followed by the second top complaint of having their eyes closed.
So here’s a tip they found, instead of saying “cheese,” say “oats” or “plum” to help create a sexy shape with your mouth.
And yes, we’re betting over half of you just said “oats” again! Hah.
How do U feel about taking photographs?
[Image via WENN.]

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Jan 02, 2012 18:00pm PDT

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