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Taylor Swift Is A 'Great Friend' Who Cheered Up Sophie Turner Amid Joe Jonas Divorce!

Taylor Swift Friend Sophie Turner Divorce Joe Jonas

What’s Better Than Revenge? How about friendship??

It’s certainly possible Sophie Turner was sending a message with her Wednesday night outing with Taylor Swift. But maybe she was just getting some much-needed comfort from someone who’s been there??

The Game of Thrones star was seen for we think the first time ever having a girls night with Joe Jonas‘ most famous ex. It seemed Sophie and Taylor were sending a message to the former’s estranged husband. Something about solidarity? Spilling of all the dirt? Fantastic legal advice? It must have scared the hell out of Joe to see these two exes turning into their own power couple!

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But maybe it just was never about him? A source told People on Thursday evening that Taylor is just being there for a fellow refugee from Mr. Perfectly Fine:

“Taylor is a great friend — Sophie can talk to her about anything. It cheered Sophie up to spend time with Taylor.”

One eyewitness who saw the gal pals gabbing at Temple Bar on Lafayette Street said “Sophie seemed to be enjoying the night.” That’s great news considering what she’s going through! Another onlooker who encountered them during dinner at Via Carota said they were surprisingly down to earth:

“They were normal. Completely normal.”

Well, we don’t know about normal. But if Sophie seemed at all normal considering what’s going on that’s a huge win in and of itself!

Because the very next morning Sophie’s first big legal response since Joe filed for divorce dropped — and it was a doozy!

The 27-year-old claimed she and Joe had a fight on his birthday on August 15. And three weeks later, while she was filming in the UK, he filed for divorce out of nowhere! And she had to learn about it online!

Since she was on set all day, Joe had the kids. So ambushing her meant he was in a position to make sure she wouldn’t be able to bring them back to England with her, as he knew she’d want to. She says he took their passports and refused to allow her to take them to what she called their “forever home” across the pond. It’s suddenly an extremely messy situation.

We’re really glad Sophie has Taylor — someone who has so as much grace, who knows all about what kind of guy Joe is, and who wins so many court cases — on her side.

What do YOU think of these two as friends??

[Image via Nicky Nelson/MEGA/WENN/Avalon.]

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