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Teresa Giudice Reveals What It Was Like Seeing Joe Giudice Party With Other Women In Mexico!

Teresa Giudice has no hard feelings towards her ex for partying it up in Mexico with some unidentified women!

As you’ll recall, former Real Housewives of New Jersey husband Joe Giudice got caught on camera doing his thing last month at a beach resort. Well, pics got back to his 47-year-old estranged wife, and… she’s cool with it! At least, she sure seemed like it when talking about the whole controversy with Andy Cohen on Wednesday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live!

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As you can see by watching the clip (above), the New Jersey native takes the high road here, opting not to call out Joe for partying and instead letting sleeping dogs lie, so to speak. When pestered by Andy about the salacious pics, Teresa had this to say about her (now estranged) husband of 20 years:

“I was happy for him. I was. I was totally fine with it. I’m not jealous. And I made it OK with our daughters. Because at first Milania saw it and Gia and they were like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ And I was just like, ‘Girls, it’s fine. He’s just living his life.’ Because I was fine with it, they were fine with it.”

Well then! Honestly, mostly glad to hear the girls seem to be taking it all in stride, too…

Now, Tre did admit Joe himself was actually the one most upset by the whole situation! He was pissed cameras were there at all, as he really didn’t want his beloved daughters to see any shenanigans:

“He was upset, he was really upset. He didn’t even go out that night because he didn’t want our daughters to see that.”

Well how about that?!

‘He had this whole macho attitude’

Wednesday’s appearance on WWHL also gave the reality TV maven the opportunity to clear the air on some things surrounding her former marriage, as well!

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For one, she reiterated how Joe really was a good husband… right up until it came time for the cameras to turn on, that is. The mogul mom had this to say about it:

“He did treat me good because otherwise I wouldn’t have stayed married to him all those years. I have to say, the nastiest he ever was was on the show. I think he had this whole macho attitude when he was being filmed and I hate it. But he’s a great father. The girls adore him and of course I want the girls to adore him. We’re doing the best we can, him being [away].”


You can watch her dish on even more drama in this short clip (below):

Well then! Talk about taking the high road, more or less, in both instances… but there are certainly lots of emotions boiling up underneath, too!

More to the point though, what do y’all think about Teresa’s reaction to Joe’s little Mexico fling, y’all??

Sound OFF with your comments and reactions on the entire controversy and more down (below)!!!

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