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Tiger Woods' Mistress Reveals His Last Text To Her In Upcoming Tell-All Documentary, And HOO BOY!

Tiger Woods' mistress Rachel Uchitel is speaking out in the new HBO 'Tiger' documentary!

Tiger Woods‘ infamous mistress is speaking out in her first-ever TV interview, and she’s not hesitating!

Rachel Uchitel is telling her side of the story as part of a new HBO documentary about Woods’ life titled Tiger, which premieres on Sunday night. And just based on this early look at some of her comments, all we can say is WOW!!!

As you may recall, Uchitel was the first of more than a dozen women who were eventually identified as Woods’ mistresses way back in 2009 amid his legendary fall from grace and the disintegration of his marriage to his Swedish model wife Elin Nordegren.

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Now, she is coming forward to reveal never-before-heard details about the pro athlete’s dark side. According to, which first revealed some of the contents of the upcoming documentary, the woman admits that while she stayed quiet for more than a decade about their affair, “at this point I have nothing left to lose.”

In the documentary, Uchitel recounts how she first met the now-45-year-old golfer at Griffin, an exclusive club in NYC. As their bond became stronger, the legendary player would reportedly call their time together “plugging in,” because she would “energize” him in ways his wife would not — both sexually and otherwise.


She recalls how quickly things spiraled out of control, saying:

“He said something like when can I see you again [after we first met]. It was intimidating. This was Tiger Woods. I know he was married, I knew he had responsibilities but he said I want you to fly to Orlando then I will come see you there. That was the first night I had s*x with him and I remember thinking how am I ever going to be with a mere mortal again because so many people put him on such a pedestal and here he was in my bed, and he was my Tiger.”


And she went on from there, remembering how he seemed to connect with her in unique ways even beyond s*x:

“He had trouble sleeping and would have to take Ambien. I’d sit next to him for hours while he’d fall asleep next to me and when he got up he allowed himself to be a little kid. It sounds kind of odd. He would eat cereal and he’d watch his cartoons and he was like a fountain, he wanted to talk and talk and talk.”

Not surprisingly, the topics of conversation included Woods’ demanding career — and more specifically, his father Earl‘s single-minded obsession to make his son the greatest golfer of all time. And apparently the star athlete felt like he couldn’t approach his wife with his issues, either.

Uchitel shares:

“He told me a lot about his childhood, his dad and he was sick of trying to hide who he was but he was so scared of the real Tiger not living up to the Tiger that everybody else thinks he is. One day I did ask him why he didn’t check in at home with Elin. He said, ‘she doesn’t ask questions like you, she’s not like you.’ It occurred to me he wanted someone to check in with. I asked him a million questions and he wanted to give every single detail he hadn’t been able to say in years or ever.”

Quickly, things grew to an unmanageable level.

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The public first (partially) learned what was going on when Woods flew his mistress out to the 2009 Australian Open, reportedly telling her “I can’t win if you’re not here.” After that, he had her spend 30 minutes talking to Nordegren on the phone, eventually convincing his wife the two weren’t in a sexual relationship and were just friends — which worked, at least for a little while. Shady!!!

After the conversation, on Thanksgiving that year, the secret couple was texting about their close call when he messaged her a jaw-dropping claim:

“You were the only one I ever loved.”


The s**t quickly hit the proverbial fan from there; minutes later, Woods texted her that he was going to take an Ambien and go to bed. But later that night, Uchitel’s cell phone rang with Woods’ number as the incoming call.

She thoughtlessly answered the phone with “hey babe,” only to hear Nordegren — not Tiger — on the other end of the line declaring:

“I knew it was you.”

The spurned wife woke up her golfer husband, chased him out of the house with a golf club, and the pair then had their infamous driveway altercation ending when Woods crashed his SUV into a tree.

From there, the full extent of the affair quickly came to light, becoming the biggest sports story in the world at time time. And Uchitel’s fate as “the mistress” was forever sealed.

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In the doc, she reflects on the affair, her role, and the aftermath:

“I regret that he was married and I regret the mistakes that I made but people came at me like they wanted to blame me for the fact a married man cheated on his wife, like I was the only one responsible for his actions.”


The doc also includes allegations of wild parties in Vegas, prostitutes hired by the dozen, and all kinds of other sketchy behavior on the father of two’s part.

The first part of the two-part exposé will air on HBO on Sunday, January 10, at 9:00 p.m. ET. It will also stream on HBO Max beginning at the same time.

What do U think, Perezcious readers?! Will U be tuning in??

[Image via Rob Rich/Rachel Worth/WENN]

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