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Tori's Mom Avoids Her

Nothing like a good old mother/daughter feud!
Somewhat estranged mother Candy Spelling has altered the release date of her book, Stories From Candyland, bumping it to March 31st from April 14th – the drop day for daughter Tori’s Mommywood – so that they wouldn’t end up competing in sales.
Candy, who at the advice of friends and family did not read Tori’s first book, says she will not read this book either.
She does, however, encourage Tori to read Stories, saying, “I can assure you, however, that if Tori were to read my book, she wouldn’t be hurt at all, and, in fact, it might bring back some wonderful memories from her childhood. Memories that I cherish and that’s why I wrote about them.”
How about we don’t read either???
[Tori image via WENN, Candy image via WENN/Fayes Vision.]

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Mar 16, 2009 18:40pm PDT