‘Twilight’ Turns 10 Years Old — Do YOU Still Love It??

Wow! In today’s You’re Getting Old news, the Twilight movies just turned ten years old!

The first film came out November 21, 2008 and became a surprise hit that launched more than one YA franchise.

Nothing could quite nail that mix of high school melodrama and head-ripping horror that captured hearts around the world, but that didn’t stop other studios from trying to stake their claim in the teen horror/sci fi/romance genre.

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Twilight was an undeniable cultural touchstone.

The question is… how do you feel about it a decade later?

Was your love for the series immortal? Or did the years rip its limbs off like a CG wolf?

We have to know…


[Image via Lionsgate/YouTube.]

Nov 21, 2018 4:17pm PDT