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Police Searching For White Hyundai Elantra In Connection To University Of Idaho Murders

Police In Search Of White Hyundai In Connection To University Of Idaho Murders – Believes Occupants ‘May Have Critical Information’ About Case

Does law enforcement finally have a lead in the murder case of four University of Idaho students?!

More than three weeks after the victims were found dead at their house in Moscow, Idaho, police are now looking for the occupant or occupants of a white Hyundai Elantra. The Moscow Police Department said on Facebook Wednesday that “tips and leads” led them to find out the vehicle, believed to be a 2011 to 2013 model, was “in the immediate area of the King Street residence during the early morning hours of November 13th.” As for why they’re in search of the car? Law enforcement explained:

“Investigators believe the occupant(s) of this vehicle may have critical information to share regarding this case.”

Whoa! At this time, the MPD said they do not know the car’s license plate number or the number of people inside. See the message (below):

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It is unclear if investigators believe the occupants could have had a hand in the quadruple homicide or witnessed anything that could help identify a suspect – but nevertheless, this is a new development in the case.

As we’ve been reporting, Kaylee GonCalves, Madison Mogen, Xana Kernodle, and Ethan Chapin were found stabbed to death in bed at their off-campus residence last month. The coroner said the students were most likely asleep – though Xana had been the only person with defensive wounds, meaning she woke up and fought back. However, NewsNation later stated Kaylee’s injuries were “significantly more brutal” than her three other friends. Her father, Steve GonCalves, also revealed to Fox News:

“I’ll cut to the chase — their means of death don’t match. They don’t match. Their points of damage don’t match. I’m just going to say it. It wasn’t leaked to me. I earned that. I paid for that funeral. I sent my daughter to college — she came back in a box. I can speak on that.”

This certainly provides more context as to why investigators keep pushing the theory that the crime was a targeted attack…

The murder weapon, believed to have “been a large knife,” has not been found, and authorities have not named a suspect. But two other roommates, who were asleep inside the home at the time of the murders and unharmed, have been ruled out as potential suspects. Cops also ruled out the alleged stalker of Kaylee. MPD updated the public in the Facebook post this week:

“At this time, no suspect has been identified and only vetted information that does not hinder the investigation will be released to the public.”

Since police still have not made significant progress with this homicide case, the father of Kaylee seems to have grown frustrated with the investigation. He even went as far as to hire a private investigator after discovering how “inexperienced” the MPD murder investigation team is. Meanwhile, her mom, Kristi GonCalves, feels the cops cleared some people too fast:

“I just feel like there’s been a couple individuals that were cleared very fast that maybe should not have been.”

Hopefully investigators are getting closer to finding answers about these brutal murders. These families need SOME closure!

[Image via Kaylee GonCalves/Instagram, Xana Kernodle/Instagram]

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