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Blood Leaking Through The Walls?! Police Call Horrific Murder Of 4 Idaho Students 'Worst They’ve Ever Seen'!

Police Say The Murder Of Four University Of Idaho Students Was ‘The Worst They’ve Ever Seen,’ Amid Blood Leaking Through Walls Of Residence

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Three days after the tragic Sunday news that four University of Idaho students were found dead, disturbing images have surfaced revealing just how brutal the crime scene was.

As we reported Monday, after police received a call regarding an unconscious person, what they found was a multiple murder scene. 20-year-old Ethan Chapin and his 20-year-old girlfriend, Xana Kernodle, as well as their roommates, 21-year-olds Madison Mogen, and Kaylee GonCalves, were all found dead in their Moscow, Idaho residence off campus.

At the time, the university warned students to stay away from the area as police captain Anthony Dahlinger said in a Tuesday statement:

“All I can say is the deaths are ruled a homicide at this point — and homicide and murder are synonymous.”

No suspect was identified. Moreover, any details to the press were kept minimum, leaving the public with a lot of questions. No one even knew how these kids died. But now, sources have uncovered some horrific facts about the case.

Police representatives told Tuesday the crime scene was “the worst they’ve ever seen”: 

“We have investigators who have been on the job for 20, even 30, years, and they say they have never seen anything like this.”

Apparently, the victims were left to bleed out in their home, with the source noting: 

“There was blood everywhere.”

There was so much blood, in fact, it was literally spilling out of the home through the walls, dripping down the outsides of the building, as can be seen in photos obtained by the outlet. One can only imagine what it looked like inside. But probably best not to…

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Investigators were seen in hazmat suits collecting trash from the residencies surrounding the crime scene Tuesday, apparently looking for an “edged weapon” — the type they believe was used in the murders.

Cops are speculating the killings to be a “targeted” attack rather than a random spree killing, with mayor Art Bettge previously describing them as “a crime of passion.” He also called it a “one-off type of situation.” They think “something had occurred that resulted in these deaths” — something personal? He acknowledged it could have been a “robbery gone wrong” but noted that nothing appeared to have been stolen from the scene. He told Fox News Tuesday: 

“It’s one of any of a plenitude of possibilities, including burglary gone wrong, robbery gone wrong… Any of those is a possibility and not one to the exclusion of others.”

On the gory scene, Dahlinger said autopsies on the students are “scheduled to be completed later this week and will hopefully provide more definitive information on the exact cause of the deaths.” They think edged weapon, but they can’t tell for sure because of the condition of the bodies? Wow. He added:

“Investigators are continuing to work diligently on establishing a timeline of relevant events to re-create the victims’ activities on the evening of November 12 and early morning of November 13, following all leads and identifying persons of interest.”

As the investigation continues, the families of the four are speaking out.

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Kaylee, a general studies major, was set to move to Texas in January to begin a new job, according to her family, who said in a statement: 

“She’d never stop fighting for us and demanding truth and justice and neither will we.”

Ethan, one of three triplets, was sweetly remembered by his brother on Instagram, who called him “my best friend.” Ethan’s mother told the Seattle Times Monday:

“It is an unspeakable tragedy and the pain is excruciating. Ethan was literally the greatest kid … friend to all and a smile that could light up any room.”

Xana and Madison, both marketing majors, were remembered in a post by the restaurant at which they worked, Mad Greek, which said in a statement:

“You will be greatly missed. Thank you for being part of our family/team and helping me so much over the years. Until we meet again.”

Truly an unimaginable situation all around. Our hearts go out to the grieving families. We hope to see a quick resolution to the investigation so they can get some sense of justice.

[Image via Xana Kernodle, Madison Mogen, & Kaylee GonCalves/Instagram, & KREM 2 News/YouTube]

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