Bella, Cara, & Yolo?! The Names For The 2016 Winter Storms Sure Have A Celebrity Feel — But Which One Is Your Favorite?

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These official winter storm names are probably gonna be super controversial on Twitter!

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t ridiculously memorable — and now we want to know what you think about them!

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The Weather Channel released their names for the ’15-’16 Winter storms on Tuesday and it seems like the media will be using quite the strange array of words this season.

When we got our hands on the list, we were pretty surprised by the amount of celebrity-inspired choices!

Maybe Cara Delevingne got in on the naming act, or Bella Thorne put in a good word, or perhaps Nick Jonas holds some sway over at the Weather Channel?!

Ch-ch-check out all the winter storm names for the upcoming season (below)!!!

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Yep. YOLO!!!

In case you were wondering, the names were selected by a high school club in Bozeman, Montana — and then tweaked here and there by the Weather Channel, as the network is trying to come up with short, memorable names that work well on social media, since, according to them, that’s “the driving force behind the naming.”

Mary Glackin, a senior vice president at the Weather Channel, understands the backlash that will probably come from these names, but she defends their use as memorable and important, saying:

“During major snow events, the reach on Twitter has been over a billion. What would our reach be with all of us working together feeding into the same system to keep people informed during these hazardous events?”

What do U guys think of these names??


Oct 13, 2015 1:46pm PST

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