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Woman Climbs Into Lion Exhibit At Bronx Zoo & Lives To Piss Off The Internet About It!

Woman bronx zoo

King of the Jungle, meet Idiot of the Bronx Zoo.

The New York City zoo has filed a complaint with the NYPD after a woman put herself in serious danger by trespassing inside its lion enclosure on Saturday.

The lady apparently climbed over a visitor safety barrier at the African lion exhibit, then proceeded to seemingly taunt one of its male inhabitants by dancing and waving her hands at the dangerous mammal. It’s unclear how she got over the barrier or how long she was in the exhibit — but according to video recorded by an eyewitness, gurl does not seem scared AT ALL!

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In the footage (below), the woman does not seem concerned in the slightest as the lion takes a few steps closer to her, as bystanders made up of adults and young children could be heard talking in the background.  

Weirdly enough, she’s seen busting moves in front of the great cat as if to say, “Come at me, bro,” while the lion looks at her all like, “Bish, get out of my room before I eat you.”

Miraculously, neither the woman nor the lion were injured in the incident, but the zoo says she still put herself — and the animal — in serious danger.. If the lion did attack the woman, there’s a chance it could have been fatally subdued by zoo officials.

A spokesperson told CNN:

“This action was a serious violation and unlawful trespass that could have resulted in serious injury or death… Barriers and rules are in place to keep both visitors, staff and animals safe. We have a zero tolerance policy on trespass and violation of barriers.”

The Bronx Zoo filed a complaint for criminal trespass. NYPD Detective Sophia Mason told the outlet no arrests were made, as they were just notified on Tuesday. 

Watch this frustratingly stupid act play out in the video (below):

The clip has since gone viral, with commenters leaving the following replies:

“Thank goodness this lion did not lose it’s life over this”

“Woman: *climbs inside lion closure and waves*
Lion: *looks at other lions* “Y’all see this s**t?” ”

“The lion looking around like does anybody see this? You do know I’m a lion. Lol. I could eat you up . What the heck is this? Look at this ”


The woman, who appears to be a New York native named Myáh Lareé, took to Instagram to brag about her brush with the wild. Captioning the footage of her and the lion, she wrote:

“I REALLY HAVE NO FEAR OF NOTHING BREATHING‼️…☀️Lioness ? Instincts??REAL HEBREW GIRL?… ANIMALS CAN FEEL LOVE JUST LIKE HUMANS??…?I COME IN SHALOM?INDIGO HEBREW ISRAELITE CHILD OF ‘THE MOST HIGH’…Its funny Cause you can hear Grown Men Scared smh?… Only People wasn’t scared was me and The [Children]. All the Adults was Scared ?”

The adults were also angry. One commenter put it best:

“If that lion had killed you, they would have killed the lion. I hope they arrest you for trespassing.”

Leave the lions alone!

[Image via Phil Lewis/WENN]

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