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Cardi B Says She's Going To Start A GoFundMe To Free Tiger King Star Joe Exotic From Prison

Cardi B wants to set up a GoFundMe for Joe Exotic from Tiger King...

Everybody’s talking about Netflix‘s new multi-part show Tiger King, a fascinating look into the world of big cat breeding and caretaking right here in America.

And just like much of the rest of the country taken in by the amazing new show while under quarantine and practicing self-isolation, Cardi B is voicing her opinions about the incredible, unforgettable show. Only… you’ll be surprised to hear what she wants to do now after watching the whole series!

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The 27-year-old Bronx-born rapper took to Twitter to defend Joe Maldonado-Passage, the controversial star of the incredible new Netflix docu-series better known to fans as Joe Exotic. As viewers and fans will recall, Joe is currently serving a 22-year sentence in federal prison after being found guilty of attempting to put out a hit on Carole Baskin, an outspoken critic of his controversial zoo. Maldonado-Passage was also convicted of multiple animal cruelty charges.

As for the Money artist, she’s not one to believe in Baskin’s side of the story as it was told in the Netflix series. The rapper took to Twitter late last night to show her skepticism about Carole’s own innocence in the prior disappearance of her long-time husband years ago, while advocating for Joe in the process. Here’s what Cardi had to say about Joe’s conviction in federal court (below):

Whoa! She then retweeted a meme (below) shared by one of her followers that again seemed to suggest Baskin’s involvement in her husband’s disappearance:

Hmmm… Ooookay!

More to the point, the Bodak Yellow artist has apparently decided that Joe needs another shot even after being convicted on so many charges. Cardi cleared voiced her displeasure with how the show ended for Joe, later tweeting:

She then tweeted the most epic (and sort of funny) reaction to it all late on Friday night, admitting to a fan that she stans Joe while adding:

OMG!!! Cardi, we all have a TON of thoughts about that show, but starting a GoFundMe over it?! LOLz! She’s too funny sometimes…

Joe Exotic’s story may not be over, anyways; the performer and former tiger wrangler recently filed his own $94 million lawsuit against the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and he’s seeking a presidential pardon from Donald Trump in the hopes of being freed again soon.

In his own social media post about his treatment and conviction at the end of the show, as well as regarding the lawsuit itself, Exotic wrote (below):

“This lawsuit has been filed in the name of Justice, The Trump Administration must be made aware of the Overreach, perjury, abuse of power and the failure to uphold the Oath of their position which is truth and Justice for all.”

OK then!

What do y’all make of Cardi B stanning Joe Exotic so hard?! And the GoFundMe??

More to the point: what did you guys think of Tiger King?! Was that some wild s**t or WHAT??

[Image via WENN/Avalon/YouTube]

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