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Woman With Two Vaginas Goes Viral On OnlyFans -- One 'For Work' & One 'For Personal Life'

Woman With Two Vaginas Goes Viral On OnlyFans -- One 'For Work' And One 'For Personal Life'

Talk about separating business and pleasure!

An Australian woman has gone viral on OnlyFans after fans and subscribers discovered her interesting and unique biological trait: she has two vaginas!

Evelyn Miller, a 30-year-old from Queensland, reportedly learned that she had what’s called “uterus didelphys” during a doctor’s visit more than a decade ago. According to the Mayo Clinic, that very rare condition occurs when the two small tubes that make up the uterus in a fetus fail to fuse together prior to childbirth and instead remain separate, creating two tubes that don’t join completely.

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Several years after Miller was told of her condition, and following a failed relationship, she started working as an escort. In her sex work, she found that it was easier for her mentally to quite literally separate business and pleasure, if you will. Physically, she found it “handy for endurance,” too. Wow!!

As she explained in an interview with Australian media, escorting work eventually led to an opportunity with OnlyFans — where she’s become a big star! Miller said:

“”When I got into a relationship it was better for me to separate the two — to use one vagina for work and one for personal life, which made the work a lot easier emotionally and physically for me. After I quit this, I started OnlyFans, filming adult content with both vaginas — and it’s been very, very successful.”

Good for her! Get paid, girl! She explained more about her experience in sex work with her rare condition, saying:

“To me it’s my normal and I never really thought it was that intriguing, but apparently it’s very intriguing. I guess not many people can say they use one vagina for work and one for personal life. It was helpful with work to be able to have a whole other vagina. It was handy for endurance — if I had a lot of bookings and I was getting uncomfortable in one, I could just use the other one.”

FWIW, Miller says her “right vagina” is slightly more comfortable during sex. reports that “she can orgasm using that one,” too, so she generally reserves it for her personal relationships.

Throughout her work escorting, she found that clients were “mind blown” with her anatomy, explaining:

“Some clients I will tell and they don’t believe me at first until I show them and then they’re completely mind blown. They ask to try it out, look at it and put their fingers in it — all of those things. I had a couple of clients find out — one was a gynecologist and he was able to feel the difference and he then turned it into a medical exam.”

Miller, who the outlet reports also owns an advertising business, found viral success on OnlyFans, where paying subscribers have been interested in seeing her:

“A lot of people want to see it on Only Fans because it’s strange — they [subscribers] can’t believe it — they say that they had to sign up to have a look, it’s crazy. People want novelty and something different — I don’t think anyone’s ever made porn with two vaginas before.”

A pioneer!

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And now, Miller has a child — and is pregnant with her second one! Back while pregnant with her first child last year, the former escort explained:

“I’ve had so much more intrigue than I thought — people have just been completely taken back by it. After I got pregnant I thought I’d talk about it more because the condition won’t affect me having a child — so I don’t really hate it. If I’d had complications I probably wouldn’t have been so open about it.”

Wow! Definitely a unique situation!

[Image via Evelyn Miller/Twitter]

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