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Underage Drinking! K-Stew Caught In More Illegal Activity!!!

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Update: Kristen's publicist claims that the video was illegally shot on private property, hence we have removed the clip from the site.

Naughty! Naughty!

We know she has an affinity for smoking the green stuff - and was caught by the paparazzi toking up in front of her house - and now virginal Bella has been caught yet again doing something she shouldn't by the paps!

Kristen Stewart, who just turned 19 years old in April, was shooting the shit and unwinding with some coworkers at an on-set party after a long day of filming her new Runaways biopic. And while she didn't bring her peace pipe, K-Stew is clearly seen drinking a Heineken.

Ooops, someone should tell the movie star that the legal age to drink beer and liquor in America is 21.

It's a good thing K-Stew is not a role model! She's not, right???

Watch her boozing video (above)!!!

P.S. Stewart also didn't buckle up in the car after they drove off at the very end of the video.

Breaking more laws!!!!!

[Video via Flash City]

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484 comments to “Underage Drinking! K-Stew Caught In More Illegal Activity!!!”

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  1. 1

    I HATE HER!!!!!

  2. 2

    god she's scary

  3. 3

    Why didn't they recast her instead?

  4. 4

    no shit perez!..when she went to italy for new moon she was drinking red wine with everyone else. hell ive been drinking since i was 19 too at least she drinks to unwind.

  5. 5

    21? here in Brazil it is 18, so I see no big deal, come on, everybody start drinking before they turn 21. Stop making a drama out of nothing and get a life.

  6. 6

    who cares, a beer, so the fuck what

  7. 7

    hateeeee her!

  8. 8

    who gives a shit. she's allowed to live a little.

  9. 9

    god she's scary!!!

  10. 10

    besides, you make it sound like she killed somebody or something. she is not a role model, she is an actress (not a disney one, btw)

  11. 11


  12. 12

    who really cares? do all underage people abide by the rules?

  13. 13

    Does anyone actually like this bitch?

  14. 14

    crazy bitch

  15. 15

    Completely retarded. Let her drink. She's 19! The States are messed up for having a legal drinking age of 21 - but yet, they ship their troops overseas at 18 years old.
    So what if she wants to have a drink or two? Concentrate on the more important "news", and not just your hate on someone who is living her life.

  16. 16

    god no, she's not a role model. i don't even wanna read the stories about her or watch anything promoting new moon b/c of how repulsive she looks. so desperate to be different, it's quite pathetic & i'm not talking about her looks, which i know are for a role, i'm talking about her demeanor, personality. yuck.

  17. 17

    Oh please. Get over it. The legal drinking age in the Netherlands is 16. I just don't get why in the U.S. you can fight and die for your country at 18, but cannot have a drink until you're 21.

  18. 18


  19. 19

    uhmm who doesnt drink before 21? woww you make it into a big deal but in reality its normal… so what perez? you need to stop your obsession with hating kristen and report something that really matters

  20. 20

    also: wine

  21. 21


  22. 22

    That's our Mario:The Fun Governor!

  23. 23

    even though most people dislike her. its beer & half the world who is underage does illegal shit… ohh get overrr it !!

  24. 24

    this is stupid and creepy.. pretty stalkerish..get a life.

  25. 25

    …so what. Statistics have shown that cultures who allow minimal drinking of alcohol at early ages seems to curtail alcohol abuse in later years. "One More Time".

  26. 26

    yeah its really not a big deal. Fifteen year olds drink and no one cares. she's just annoying to me. Weed and beer? That's pretty gross. What a dreamgirl >.

  27. 27

    hate her fugly face. i hope she does something really stupid soon and will finally get kicked out of twilight!!!!

  28. 28

    I'm sorry but what the fuck is up with her hair? Just because she dates a vampire on a movie doesn't mean she has to look like one right?

  29. 29

    eh. How many 19 year olds drink…Im gonna say most. Leave her alone, shes doing what every other 19 year old for the most part does. She should have been a bit more careful but Im not gonna talk shit because shes drinking a beer I was drinking beer at 19 too

  30. 30

    but they filmed in canada. the legal drinking age there is like 19 i think

  31. 31

    whatever,she can do what she wants

  32. 32

    She got so used to drinking legally in Canada while filming New Moon.

  33. 33

    looks like a ginger ale bottle to me

  34. 34

    this is news?

  35. 35

    Oh shut up! What were you doing at 19. I did more than have a drink by 19

  36. 36

    And I'm quite sure you never had a beer at 19, Mario. What a SHOCKER!!!

  37. 37

    i hate her so much

  38. 38

    I was drinking beer at 15. Whats the big deal.

  39. 39

    Re: Tulip-x – I agree, she sucks as Bella. I just want to punch her in the face.

  40. 40

    UGH. What a twat. I can't BELIEVE she will be playing one of the Runaways. Just fucking WRONG. Sure, she is perfect for the idiocy that is Twilight, but THAT moron … as a punk IDOL? What the hell is this world coming to?

  41. 41

    if it was dakota… I would agree, she is only 15 or 16. But Kristen is 19 going to 20! no big effing deal.

  42. 42

    urggh! she irratates me now.
    i used to think she was cool
    now i think shes a moron.*
    and duhhh perez of course its a good thing shes not a role model…i dont really think she cares from her behavior*
    she acts like a frekn dude like
    "sup man wanna soke ,and hit on some chicks"
    ok now perez your one step closer to posting something about my r-patz now …GET ON IT`

  43. 43

    Who cares??? Rewind back to when I was 19 & in college, I probably could have drank KStew under the table! Not newsworthy.

  44. 44

    Who cares! After a long day on set, I'd want a beer too. Seriously, how many people waited till they were 21? A few. Not like she's acting like a hot mess.

  45. 45

    lol here in Holland we may drink from the age of 16 :P

  46. 46

    She's Protraying Joan Jett? They Probably give her bottles with non-alcoholic substances in them so that she can play ther part. I realize she is not shooting a scene? Think this is a bunch of Nothing … Silly!

  47. 47

    Whatever. Like you weren't doing the same when you were 19! I was doing that at 15!

  48. 48

    so what the girl drank alcohol, when did you drink alcohol for the first time… if you did a survey i bet every person who reads your blog drank underage so you should really jsut lay off the girl… at least she doesn't stumble out of bars not able to walk a straight line.

  49. 49

    Really? Criticizing a 19 year old for drinking a beer? If it wasn't her, she'd be another college age person doing what 19 year olds do.

  50. 50

    Oh come on, shes not getting wasted or anything. Anyways, at least we know she has good taste in beer :) .

  51. 51

    Re: Aimee999 – Lool preach!

  52. 52

    oh get over it! its a freaking beer!!

  53. 53

    if you want to shove someone else down the collective throats of the dumb twats that take your shit to the bank, why don't you start posting about someone who you think is a better role model?? you post about Stewart ALL the time. i'd say, at least she has a real job where skill is required….you have made a name for yourself by ripping real workers down and reusing old news!!!

  54. 54

    Re: PixieCullenRe: PixieCullen – 16? what the hell? no fair!

  55. 55

    No people she is disguesting and full of this attiude.. it's just weird..
    that plays bella.. maybe they should recast her ass.. or tell her to stop being suhc a nasty disguesting girl untill her twlight saga days are over.

  56. 56

    why should they care, its her life…if she wants to drink let her…she is alot to have her own life…so yeah

  57. 57

    Re: Aimee999 – makes no sense… they can drive at 16 (which is something that only people prepared to take it seriously should be able to do and if something happens, you are not the only one who gets screwed) but you can drink only at 21? something that if will screw only yourself lol I think 18 for both is fair enough.

  58. 58

    Seriously - when are you going to 'out' K-Stew???

  59. 59

    i cant believe this/ and i love her so much:(

  60. 60

    Re: Helloo nurse! – sure…..people who aren't dumb twats repsect her for the fact that she is a good actress and not a fake twat like the people who are droned out for fatass hilton.

  61. 61

    lol Everyone does it! People only care cuz she's a celeb. Get off it. Who gives a shiz honestly?!

  62. 62

    leave her alone. You're acting as if most college age (or younger) people don't drink until 21. I'm a junior in college and i know only a hand full of people who didn't drink before 21. Perez i sincerly doubt your first boozer night was on your 21st. You're just jealous she gets to make out with RPattz.

  63. 63

    Sucks that the legal age over there is 21, that's so old.
    She's freakin' 19, she's an adult and so what if she has a little beer.

  64. 64


  65. 65

    I don't like her, but who the fuck cares? furthermore who the fuck cares about smoking pot? it should be legal anyway, you're really reaching to find something about her…

  66. 66

    i actually went to stick up for her untill the end of that, how snotty! she could of answered him, if i was her i would well keep the press up to date! :O

  67. 67

    Where is she filming this movie? Cause if shes in Canada legal drinking age is 19.

  68. 68


  69. 69

    I smoked weed and drank beer when I was 19. Then again I wasn't a public figure, and I had the brains not to do anything illegal right out in the open.

  70. 70

    in canada the legal age is 19… maybe she thinks shes still in canada :P

  71. 71

    i live in canada and youre legal at 19 . . sucks to be you guysss ;)

  72. 72

    Oh big fucking deal! she's an adult. she doesn't claim to be a role model. this is another female-hate story by Perez…Mr. Vagina hater.

  73. 73

    Big deal she's being a normal 19 year old

  74. 74

    Oh please Perez get a life! Did you wait to have your first drink at 21? No one waits to be 21 to drink. And omg she smokes weed… like you never took a hit? Get a life and stop hatin on people.

  75. 75

    Plus give her some props on not being the one driving away. She's being resposible enough not to drive after drinking.

  76. 76

    big deal?

  77. 77

    come on! in france the legal age for beer and wine is 16! and for other alcohols it's only 18een! and nobody respect that! At 12 or 13 everybody have been drunk at least once! stop sticking to the american stereotype perez or whoever write for you! and IT'S ONLY BEER!!!

  78. 78

    LOL how can all of you bitch so damn much, like your first dose of alcohol was at 21, GTFO lol; she aint doin nothin thats effecting your life either way shes having a drink with people on set who are well aware that shes not 21, and suprisingly enough shes not shaking, or itching or anything; im starting to think she does it just to get a kick out of everyones bitching about it hahaha . wowww , i loveee kristen. it drink a beer with her anyday ! (:

  79. 79

    Re: Aimee999 – LOL!!! I'm still hoping they'll eventually set a more REASONABLE drinking age, since all underage American kids do it anyway. In fact, those who DON'T kinda creep me out… I CAN'T STAND that Kristen Steward either, and I think her acting sucks too, but I have to give her credit for not being pretentiously "good" like those pathetic Jonas Brothers. I don't believe A WORD they're saying!!!

  80. 80

    she's a normal 19 year old. get over it. she isn't bella.

  81. 81

    who the fuck cares?

  82. 82

    The paparatzies are such creeeps… they need to get a life!

  83. 83

    who freaking cares– seriously– if we had video of every 19 year old who has a beer– well you get the point

  84. 84

    she is drinking a beer.. who cares.
    Post a video of her doing a line of coke and then maybe it would be something to talk about

  85. 85

    Re: Aimee999 – omg i agree they should lower the drinking age to like 16,then it wudnt be considered illegal the fact that i have tequila under my bed

  86. 86

    Gawd Kristen your an idiot.

  87. 87

    yeah. if she went to college instead of acting guess what she'd be doing…drinking beer and smoking pot.

  88. 88

    Get a life Perez!

  89. 89

    HAAAAAA she chugs like a champ.
    she's so drunk she can't close the door right.

  90. 90

    Oh for God's sake. I highly doubt there are many 19 year olds who haven't drank yet, and the seatbelt thing? That's just nitpicking. Grow up and get over your stupid grudge.

  91. 91

    leave her alone perez why are you so mean. Did you start drinking after you were 21 or maybe sooner?ha

  92. 92

    In Russia we can drink (or find a way to find a drink) since we are born)

  93. 93

    Re: fiercebitch – Yeah, but it is better to wait until you're 21. If you drink too much alcohol (not even enough to get drunk) before you're 21 (when you're brain is done developing) it can cause damage which is the only reason the age limit is so high here.

  94. 94

    I´m so tired of her! (and her ugly hair)

  95. 95

    Re: Tulip-x – Wow, like that would make sense. Bella would just look completely different in the second movie, right?

  96. 96

    Oh dear god. She is the first ever underage female to drink. Omg!! Lock her up and throw away the key.

    Good god, like you didn't have a drink or 2 when you were 19….

    I live in ENgland, we can drink and get into clubs at 18 and let me tell oyu, most people are doing a lot worse at 19 than having one drink.

  97. 97

    Who cares!? I'm 19, want to see some pics of me drinking a beer?

  98. 98

    Re: idevenn – hehe i know right :P but on the other hand, we may not drive till we are 18…. so, yeah.. but anyways; soft drugs are leagle too :P
    but yeah, nobody cares much about drinking, most just start drinking from 14 years old, 15 tops and nobody here cares.. not that's that a good thing imo

  99. 99

    perez who cares?? she drinks so what she smokes too i think she is a good role model for girls because she is very pretty too

  100. Kay22 says – reply to this


    Does anyone else think its creepy that someone is video tapping her without her knowledge. Who cares about the beer… its that some psycho is trying to make a couple bucks off invading in her personal life. This is just creepy.

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