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Rick Springfield's Latest Tat In Tribute To Dead Dog

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Awww…this is both so sad and so sweet…

Jessie's Girl singer Rick Springfield revealed that his latest tattoo has a bit more meaning than other tats.

Springfield tatted a hawk on his shoulder after he found one stuck in his chimney. He believes the bird of prey was his late pit bull/Great Dane mix, Ronnie's, spirit.

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Ashton Kutcher And Great Dane Go For Laughs On Two And A Half Men!

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Talk about a BIG guest spot!

Ashton Kutcher shows he's a fan of adoption on the next episode of Two and Half Men, adopting a GIGANTIC Great Dane!

The new pooch guest stars as

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The World's Tallest And Smallest Dog Side By Side

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Talk about a wacky family!!!

While they may not be brother and sissy, Zeus and Cupcake do have one thing in common.

They are both Guiness World Record holders!!!!

Zeus is a GIANT Great Dane, standing at an astounding 44 inches!!! Cupcake is the size of an ant compared to him!

Both pooches stopped by Good Morning America, along with the owner of the world's tallest mohawk.

Check out both cutiez (above) RIGHT NOW!!!


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Pup Tries To Nap On Great Dane

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We are so glad someone decided to film this moment.

This little pup wanted nothing more than to take a nap on top of his big buddy.

But he kept sliding off!

How does he solve his problem? Check out the above vid to find out.

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Teddy's Favorite Super Bowl Commercial Of 2012!

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It was Doritos for the win - AGAIN!

Check out the HIGHlarious commercial for the snack featuring a Great Dane using some pretty clever means to cover up a feline's 'disappearance' (above)!

The commercial was made by Virginia Beach graphic designer Jonathan Friedman for only $20, and because it was voted first in USA Today's annual Super Bowl Ad Meter contest, won him $1 million!

He reveals:

"It's pretty incredible."

It certainly is! A true testament to how just a clever, cute idea can take on a life and momentum all its own - and with little to no money spent!

Teddy's favorite, by far! And apparently, he's not alone!

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Hero Dog Throws Himself On Top Of Woman During Domestic Abuse Assault

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This is absolutely incredible.

A hero dog has changed the policy at a battered woman shelter.

Last year, a woman was nearly beaten to death by her boyfriend.

He literally took a hammer and began beating her with both ends of it.

When she was lying on the floor, near death, her Great Dane threw himself on top of her, absorbing most of the hammer blows from the boyfriend until the man threw them both out of a second story window!

We have trouble even believing one human could do that to another.

When the woman called a domestic abuse survivor shelter, they made arrangements for her but not her savior… no pets were allowed.

The CEO of the center said:

"She was not going to leave her pet alone with him. He saved her life."

Her Great Dane had suffered several broken ribs, a broken hip and serious bruising.

The shelter had to make an exception for this hero.

They said that 40% of woman who suffer domestic abuse won't leave their pets for fear of leaving them with the abuser, so they live in their car or they stay.

Risking their life for their animal.

The CEO said:

"They provide so much comfort, and to have to leave that pet behind is so heartbreaking.

It has become abundantly clear that the incredible therapeutic benefits that pets can have on a family greatly outweigh the cost and inconvenience of housing them."

So the CEO's center has built 7 kennels and now takes pets.

It took the love, loyalty and bravery of one dog to change the policy of women's shelters, and save 40% more lives.

Amazing, simply amazing. This dog deserves a medal.

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Fan Pet Of The Day!

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Today's fan pet of the day is… Hercule!

TeddyHilton.com reader, Rosemarie, sent us pictures of her gorgeous two-year-old Great Dane from Québec.

Hercule loves to play with his friends at the park and adores car rides.

Even though he's 130-pounds (holy shiz!) he's still Rosemarie's little baby, and still sleeps in her bed with her.

What a cute pooch!

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