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Janice Dickinson News Archive

Janice Dickinson Had Stem Cell Treatment — In China — After Parking Lot Accident!

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janice dickinson stem cells china

First and foremost, we are super glad that Janice Dickinson is alright! This was such a freak accident that it could've been MUCH worse!

Though, we suppose Janice Dickinson doesn't feel like there was anything 'freak' about it, as she's suing

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Janice Dickinson Suing Rite Aid After Getting Bonked In The Head In The Parking Lot!

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janice dickinson suing rite aid after injury in parking lot

Who knew parking lots could be so dangerous???

Well, Janice Dickinson found that out the hard way when she was walking through a Rite Aid parking garage in Beverly Hills and she was allegedly hit in the head by a gate!


Janice was in enough pain that she went to the UCLA medical center where doctors said that she had actually suffered a

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Janice Dickinson Makes Malibu Envious!

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janice dickinson bikini malibu beach age

Seriously, Janice Dickinson?? You can STILL wear a bikini like that at your age??

We get the feeling that Janice will be able to wear a bikini for the rest of her life — she's in waaaay better shape at 58 than a whole lot of people her age, and she has the confidence to do it!

She was spotted being happy and proud in Malibu, soaking up the sun! We're glad it wasn't ALL sun and she wore a hat, because too much sun isn't the best thing for anyone!

Honestly, we're just super impressed with her right now — even if she did buy a lot of what we're seeing. We'll get back to you guys in a moment, LOLz!

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

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Janice Dickinson Reveals Child Abuse On Celebrity Rehab

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Janice Dickinson has been facing obstacle after obstacle on Celebrity Rehab. In this week’s episode, she faced her fears of never overcoming the abuse she faced as a child.

As she continued to fight her addiction to alcohol and anti-anxiety pills, she broke down:

“I'm writing in my journal and the memories keep coming back. I'm just really mad. I'm mad. And I'm afraid — afraid that I will never get a grip on child abuse.”

Janice revealed that her father was abusive to her earlier in the series. She continued:

“I was damaged beauty from the start. My dad had rage issues. I don't feel good inside,' she added. 'I don't sleep. You have no idea about the abuse. You have no idea how bad I feel. Physical abuse, emotion abuse and sexual abuse.”

This is so tough for her, but she has to work through it to recover! Stay strong, Janice! Things will get better!!

[Image via WENN.com/Apega/Agent47.]

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Janice Dickinson Has Contemplated Suicide

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Janice Dickinson Has Contemplated Suicide

In a preview of Celebrity Rehab 4 Janice Dickinson breaks down and admits that she has contemplated suicide.

“I'm having thoughts of suicide,” she says to her counsellor. “I wanted to go to the bathroom and try to hang myself. I want it to… end.”

In reply her counsellor says: “You're going through the toughest part of your life right now, the fight for your life.”

Janice says that she was abused as a child and that those scars have never fully healed.

“Don't feel good inside. I don't sleep. You have no idea about the abuse. You have no idea how bad I feel.”

We’ve always known Janice was a tortured soul, but we had no idea it was this bad! We hope the rehab and therapy helped!!

[Image via WENN.]

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Janice Dickinson Defends Plastic Surgery

| Filed under: KnifestylesJanice Dickinson

Janice Dickinson Defends Plastic Surgery

Janice Dickinson has been undergoing plastic surgery for 17 years, and despite critics, still throws her support behind the practice.

Dickinson, who has been described as a plastic surgery addict, claims that “Surgery is good for you.”

She has also made it clear that she’s not the only celebrity who’s gotten surgery:

“I've done just about as much as every other actress and model out there. I'm just willing to talk about it. Trust me, I'm not going to name any names but they know who they are.”

Ugh…we think Janice needs an attitude change about plastic surgery! Aging is a party of life! Trying to hold on to youth by getting numerous procedures that essentially make you a caricatured figurine of your former self is not the way to live your life!

[Image via WENN.com/Apega/Agent47.]

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Talking Fitness With… Janice Dickinson!

| Filed under: Janice DickinsonChatting With...

BESIDES plastic surgery….

How does the world's self-titled "first supermodel" keep in such great shape???

Find out… above!

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