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Janice Dickinson Scores A Legal Win Against Bill Cosby!

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Janice Dickinson is going to get to sue Bill Cosby after all!
In a major legal ruling that sets some new precedents, an appeals court has overturned the trial judge’s ruling against the former America’s Next Top Model judge.
Basically, when Janice gave her interview three years ago claiming Cosby raped her, he sent (through his lawyer Marty Singer) a denial to various outlets, threatening to sue if they published the story.
In response Janice filed her own defamation suit against Cosby for calling her a liar.
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Cosby and Singer’s defense? You can’t sue for defamation over a legal order due to “litigation privilege.” Well, the appeals court said that’s BS — because lots of outlets ran the story, and Cosby never sued any of them! Since these were “hollow threats” they don’t get the privilege protection.
The other big defense Cosby and Singer (who is also now being named as a defendant in the suit) used was saying the demand letter was just stating an “opinion.”
The appeals court says whether or not she’s lying about Cosby raping her is most certainly NOT a matter of opinion but a provable fact!
If Cosby wants to win against Dickinson, he may actually have to prove in court she’s lying about the rape!
We will be waiting with the popcorn for that day. Keep fighting, Janice!
[Image via Guillermo Proano/WENN.]

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Nov 21, 2017 19:23pm PDT

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