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Joss Stone News Archive

Check Out The First Music Video From Mick Jagger & SuperHeavy!

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Joss Stone, Damian Marley and Mick Jagger in a pink suit?!

Doesn't get much better than this!

SuperHeavy, the ambitious collaborative group with some of the best artists of the times, has released their first music video.

Check out Miracle Worker (above) with Mick Jagger, Joss Stone, Damian Marley, Dave Stewart and AR Rahman.


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Watch Out, Kelly Rowland! Eric Church Set For #1 Spot On The Charts This Week!

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eric church vs kelly rowland

We absolutely LOVED Kelly's new album, and it sounds like gurl had a fantastic record release party…but none of that's going to stop Eric Church from topping the charts for the week.

The country singer set to end the week with sales of 130-140k for his new album Chief, which should def bring him to #1 on the charts!

Kelly Rowland's new album isn't selling poorly either, but it's looking like it'll end up with somewhere in the vicinity of 70-75k sales for the week.

Third and fourth place are likely to go to

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Get Super Excited! SuperHeavy Supergroup Dropping An Album!

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Remember awhile back, we told you that Mick Jagger had assembled a group of megastars for a new a new supergroup? The group is releasing an album!

SuperHeavy, the combined superstar forces of Jagger, Eurythmics founder Dave Stewart, Joss Stone, composer A.R. Rahman and reggae artist Damian Marley, will be releasing an album this September. No exact date is set yet, but the first single is titled "Miracle Worker" and the five stars will be recording a video for the track.

Sweet! We can't wait to hear what they've put together!

[Image via WENN.]

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Joss Stone Is Fine, Gearing To Release New Album

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Joss Stone Is Okay, Ready For New Album

So good to hear that she'd doing well, despite all the craziness of the past few weeks.

If you hadn't heard for some reason, the police thwarted a plot to rob, kidnap, and possibly murder the 24 year old singer. They were even parked just outside of her house, down the street a bit, when they were caught. Luckily, they were nabbed and she's okay:

"Oh I'm fine, thank you though, that's very sweet. They didn't manage it so it's all good."


Beyond that, she's looking forward to releasing her new album in July — which she recorded in 6 days!

I had lots of fun making it with Dave. We went to Nashville for like six days and at that end of that jam we found an album in there which is quite cool. It's because the bad was so tight and the studio was so brilliant. They had so many people in there making sure everything was sorted, so many brilliant people involved. Dave was like, 'Look come over here, it will take a week, we'll have a laugh. If you don't like it you don't have to use it. This band is great, I've worked with them, they've got a week free,' and I was like that sounds like fun.

With Joss, we're willing to bet that a record in 6 days is a good thing. With other artists, though, that would be considered rushing it, but with her, we feel like it's some sort of just powerful flow. One that she just couldn't stop the awesomeness, so it went quickly!

We can't wait to hear it! Also, you should send us some cupcakes!!


[Image via WENN.]

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Joss Stone Insists "All Is Well"

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You know, it's not like anyone tried to rob and murder her or anything. Oh wait…

This week, two men were charged with plotting to rob and murder soulful singing star Joss Stone at her home. While sitting down for an interview to promote her new album, Joss was asked how she was holding up after the scary ordeal. Apparently, she is peachy keen! She told sources:

"I'm fine, hon, don't worry. I'm all good. People are crazy, but that's OK. Hey, I'm carrying on: I paint my bathroom. I bake my cakes. All is well."

Wow! You're brave!

If it was us, we would be cowering night and day knowing there was someone who got thatclose to killing us! We wouldn't sleep again for months! Seriously honey, you might be the bravest person we know!

[Image via WENN.]

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Update! Men Charged In Plot To Rob And Murder Joss Stone

| Filed under: Icky Icky PooJoss StoneLegal MattersBusted!

joss stone suspects charged

Yesterday, we learned that two men in their early 30s were arrested for an alleged plot to rob and murder Joss Stone.

As a reminder, police were called because of a suspicious looking vehicle in Cullompton, Devon, where Joss has a secluded country home. The cops ended up finding swords, rope, and a body bag, as well as detailed aerial photos and maps of the property and surrounding areas.

Now, we're pleased to report that the men, Junior Bradshaw and Kevin Liverpool, have been charged with conspiracy to rob and conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm.

They will be held in jail until their next hearing on July 1.

We're just glad to hear that Joss is safe and these men are off the streets.

Such a scary situation.

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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Two Men Arrested For Plot To Rob And Murder Joss Stone

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Joss Stone Almost Murdered

So. Scary.

Two men, 30 and 33 years old, have been arrested for what looks like a plot to rob and murder Joss Stone.

Police were called because of a suspicious looking vehicle in Cullompton, Devon, where Joss has a secluded country home. What the cops ended up finding was swords, rope and a body bag, not to mention detailed aerial photos and maps of the property and surrounding areas.

We are so so so glad that those neighbors called the cops because of that suspicious looking vehicle!

The investigation is on-going, so we're sure we'll find out more… until then, stay safe Joss!

Wow. Terrifying.

We don't understand why people ever want to do things like this.

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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