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Occupy Wall Street Inspires Michael Moore To Make A New Movie!

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michael moore to make another movie

And it WON'T be about Occupy Wall Street.

After making Capitalism: A Love Story, Michael Moore announced that he would not make another movie "until the American public took action against the economic system."

Looks like Occupy Wall Street was exactly what Michael needed to get him moving on another documentary…because he's officially got one in the works!

Here's what he had to say about it:

Tim Robbins Lends His Support To Occupy Wall Street

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tim robbins supports occupy wall street protestors

Hey Tim! Your ex Susan Sarandon was in the area recently too! Did you get a chance to catch up?

Check out the photo (above) of Tim Robbins speaking to Occupy Wall Street protesters earlier this week at NYC's Foley Square.

Michael Moore must be proud.

Stay safe!

[Image via WENN.]

Michael Moore Donating $$$ To Occupy Wall Street!

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michael moore continuing to support occupy wall street

You hear that, Occupy Wall Street protestors? You've got a friend in Michael!

Earlier this week, Michael Moore announced that he'll be donating some proceeds from his newest book Here Comes Trouble to help support the cause. Not only that, but he's ALSO trying to set up wi-fi in demonstration sites all over the nation.

Here's what he had to say about it:

Michael Moore Continues To Show Support For Occupy Wall Street

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michael moore supports occupy wall street

Watch out, Wall Street! You do NOT want to be on the opposing side to any cause that Michael Moore supports!

Check out the photos (above, and below) of Michael showing his continuing support for Occupy Wall Street protestors in NYC last night.

As a reminder, the goal of this protest is to fight against Wall Street's financial greed and corruption.

Stay safe, Michael and Co.!

[Image via WENN.]

michael shows support for occupy wall street in nyc

Celebs On The Side Of Occupy Wall Street!

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We bet this really helped with morale.

Earlier last week, we shared video of protesters getting arrested in New York for being a part of the Occupy Wall Street demonstration. The protest against Wall Street's financial greed and corruption has been going on for days, but has made little progress.

Thankfully, a

Michael Moore Boycotts Georgia!

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Michael Moore Boycotts Georgia

Following the execution of Troy Davis, a man convicted for the murder of a police officer despite the overwhelming amount of disagreement from American citizens, Michael Moore has thought it best to boycott the state of Georgia.

Troy even begged for a lie detector test to save his life, but it wasn't given.

Not only were everyday citizens outraged, Hollywood got involved too. Alec Baldwin, Kim Kardashian, and Diddy (to name a few) all called on the power of Twitter to send a message to the peachy state.

Unfortunately, it was too late. Troy was given lethal injection Wednesday night, and it shook America's belief in the justice system once again.

And now, among many others, Michael Moore is boycotting the state, urging:

Michael Moore And Elisabeth Hasselbeck Battle It Out On The View

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It was Michael Moore vs. Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Wednesday's broadcast of The View.

The two argued over whether or not Osama bin Laden deserved a trial over his horrifying acts on 9-11-01.

Moore said that bin Laden had been "executed" and that America had "lost something of our soul" by not giving him a fair trial for his crimes.

Elisabeth's response?