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Sobs!!! Disney Takes Lost Teddy Bear That Was Given To Teen By Her Late Father On Adventure Before Returning It To Young Girl!

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Disney took a girl's lost teddy bear on an adventure before they returned it to her!

When 14-year-old Brooklyn Andrews went to Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa she obviously took her teddy bear Toby with her!

Her bear is more than just a stuffed animal, he's all that's left of her late father, who died of a heart attack while on duty as a police officer back in 2006.

The most heart-wrenching part is her father recorded

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Disney took a girl's lost teddy bear on an adventure before they returned it to her!Disney took a girl's lost teddy bear on an adventure before they returned it to her!Disney took a girl's lost teddy bear on an adventure before they returned it to her!Disney took a girl's lost teddy bear on an adventure before they returned it to her!Disney took a girl's lost teddy bear on an adventure before they returned it to her!

Spike Lee Announces The Death Of His Younger Brother On New Year's Eve

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spike lee announces the loss of his younger brother on nye

This is just terribly sad to hear.

Spike Lee kicked off 2014 on a very sad note as his younger brother Christopher Lee, 55, passed away on New Year's Eve.

The acclaimed director made the announcement on Instagram with a picture of a single flower and wrote:

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Michelle Williams Is Still The Good Witch To Her Daughter! Matilda Wears Shirt With Mom's Face On It!

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michelle williams matilda brooklyn shirt

The only thing cuuuuuuuuter than seeing a mom and daughter walking through a neighborhood together is if they're holding hands — and Michelle Williams and little Matilda are doing JUST THAT!!

Wait, could it get even cuter??

It totes could! Little Matilda could be wearing a shirt with a character her mom plays on it… oh… oh wow it's actually happening! It's REALLY happening!

This is officially the CUTEST PIC EVER!!

Matilda is totes wearing a shirt of her mom as Glenda the Good Witch from Oz: The Great and Powerful!!

We can shut down the internet and go home now! We found the cutest pic possible!!

Hope you two had a nice day out together — even if it wasn't at Dawson's Creek like a few days ago!

[Image via Christopher Peterson/Splash News.]

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Michelle Williams and Matilda stroll through Brooklyn!Michelle Williams and Matilda stroll through Brooklyn!
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Michelle Williams Celebrates Her Birthday With Daughter Matilda! Look How Big She's Gotten!

michelle williams daughter matilda celebrate 33rd birthday new york

She's growing up before our very eyes!

On her very special day, there was only one person this mommy wanted to hang with!

Michelle Williams was spotted with her adorable little girl Matilda Ledger in Brooklyn this past Monday.

And, just look at how big Matilda has gotten! What a beautiful little girl! A spitting image of her mama and daddy Heath Ledger. See a closer pic of Matilda (below)!

The two looked absolutely gorgeous as they walked and chit-chatted together, and we think we even saw Michelle flash her pearly whites!

It must have been a special day indeed! In fact, it was Michelle's 33rd birthday!

We're curious what Matilda got her mommy! We bet whatever it was - it was in that brown paper bag!!!

This is the part where we'd usually say we hoped they had a special day, but it's clear from this picture that they totally did!

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

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Michelle Williams & Heath Ledger's daughter Matilda

Joe Torre's Daughter Makes Catch Of The Year As She Rescues A Child Falling From A Fire Escape!

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joe torre daughter rescues child falling from building

It looks like Joe Torre's daughter may have picked up a trick or two from her old man!

Cristina Torre was taking a walk in Brooklyn when she noticed that a 1 year-old boy had slipped off a fire escape and was falling two stories!

Luckily, there was an awning directly below the child's apartment and she was quick on her feet, as the child bounced safely into her arms, avoiding major injury!

The former baseball manager and proud pops spoke out about his daughter's heroic actions, saying:

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Beyoncé & Blue Ivy Are Swing Queens In Brooklyn! See The Pic Of Them Playing HERE!

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beyonce blue ivy playing in brooklyn park

If you're not ready for super cuteness then look away!

We thought seeing Beyoncé snuggle Blue Ivy in a hot tub was more than we could handle, but those lovely ladiez have topped themselves.

Queen Bey and her beautiful babe were spotted playing on a swing set at a Brooklyn park!

And our hearts have completely melted into a puddle of sweetness and adoring love. It's too much goodness all in one little pic!!

Bey might have spent the night celebrating Kanye West's birthday with Jay-Z, but Sunday is clearly Blue Ivy day.

Seeing her so smily while she embraces motherhood, we wish she'd get a second baby in that tummy already! Although, maybe it's best for US if she doesn't…

….could you imagine how adorbsie she'd be with TWO little cuties?!

Ch-ch-check out more pics of Beyoncé and Blue Ivy (below)!

[Image via Twitter.]

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Blue IvyBlue Ivy and BeyonceBlue IvyBlue Ivy and Beyonce

Blue Ivy Is Growing Up Right Before Our Eyes!! OMFG!!!

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beyonce and growing blue ivy1(1)

It feels like it was just yesterday that Beyonce gave birth to her baby girl, Blue Ivy, and considering that it's only been 14 months since the little tyke came out of Bey's birth canal, we never thought that she would sprout so fast!

On Sunday, the diva was seen with baby Blue at the Brooklyn restaurant, Buttermilk Channel, but before they were rushed into their SUV by security, the papz caught a full body photo of the Queen's baybay.

Since the Bow Down songstress and her hubby, Jay-Z are both tall, we always had a hunch that Miz Ivy would get her parents' limbs.

We're excited for Blue to grow up some more because she's definitely gonna be a superstar. Plus, taking into account that she already has the whole New York City look on lock with her Timberland boots and camouflage jacket, we're thinking she's gonna be the next Survivor. LOLz

Werk it out, Blue!!

Ch-ch-check out Beyonce and her 14-month-old (above)!!

[Image via Splash News.]

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