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More Details On Titanic Mini-Series! Helen Mirren Considering Role!

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Wow! Maybe they really are trying to give James Cameron a run for his money!

It was announced yesterday that writer Julian Fellowes was working on a four-hour mini-series based on the 1912 sinking of the Titanic - to air on ABC, the UK's ITV, Canada's Global TV, and Australia's Channel 7, amongst many others - and now, it appears that Helen Mirren and Atonement's Romola Garai are circling roles in the project!

Although no information has been revealed about their potential characters, the drama is being described as a "heart-wrenching journey" and will include "multi-arc action, mystery, and romantic plotlines."

Filming is to begin this spring, with the premiere next year, as to mark the 100-year anniversary of the luxury liner's sinking.

Wowza. We have to admit, if it's done correctly, this could be a truly touching tribute to all those who lost their lives that devastating night.

What do U think?? Is a Titanic mini-series a good idea??

[Images via Ramey Pix.]

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All Aboard! New Titanic Mini-Series Coming To ABC!

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Wow! It takes a lot of balls to try to tackle this topic, especially after what James Cameron managed to produce!

Academy Award winning screenwriter Julian Fellowes has reportedly written a four-hour TV mini-series based on the sinking of the RMS Titanic.

Set to air on ABC, Global TV, and ITV, Titanic will focus on the lives of different characters in various social standing as they attempt to survive the iconic ship's sinking on that fateful day in 1912.

Quinn Taylor, SVP movies miniseries and acquisitions for ABC Network, says:

"The Titanic retained a powerful hold on people around the world for almost 100 years, and this new miniseries will offer a compelling take on this epic, tragic story. We look forward to bringing this remarkable series to our viewers."

Agreed! It really is such an unbelievable and heartbreaking event in our history, and we're sure that Fellowes' take will be a fascinating one.

However, we do have to wonder if people will be disappointed with the results, when compared to James Cameron's Titanic and the amount of money, construction, and special effects the director put into re-building the ship and its actual likeness - not to mention the disaster scenes at the end!

We doubt that a mini-series will have that kind of production value!

But who knows??

What do U think?? Will U tune into the Titanic mini-series??

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X Factor Dramz Continues! Eliminated Wagner Carrilho Offered As Much As £1 Million For Tell-All!

wagner carrilho offered lots of money to tell all about x factor

Uh oh, X Factor! Looks like your gagging may not have been as effective as you hoped!

Eliminated X Factor contestant Wagner Carrilho has reportedly been offered as much as £1 million to write a tell-all about what goes on behind the scenes at the ITV show.

Here's what a publisher had to say about the demand for Wagner's story:

"There is a lot of interest in exactly what Wagner would say. Especially as he’s been effectively gagged from talking about the show this week."

Looks like that gagging SERIOUSLY backfired! Here's more:

“What does he know that’s making people so nervous? He lived and breathed that show for months. He’s bound to know a lot about the other contestants."

And more:

“And he spent a lot of time with people like Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell, so who knows what else he could reveal?”

We are SO curious to hear more! We'll be very excited when he signs a deal with one of these publishers!

Why do U think X Factor is so fearful of Wagner Carrilho? What do U think he's going to say?

[Image via WENN.]

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More Simon Cowell Coming To British TV!

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simon cowell signs three year deal with britains itv

ITV Loooooooooves Simon!

The British channel has signed three year deals for both X Factor and Britain's Got Talent, AND they've secured exclusive broadcast rights to the American X Factor, which will be featured on ITV2, along with America's Got Talent.

What does all of this mean? Here's what you need to know:

-Simon Cowell - On ITV until 2013

-Britain's Got Talent - Returns in Spring 2011

-UK X Factor - Returns in Autumn 2011

-ITV2's Britain's Got More Talent and The Xtra Factor - Will Return, Dates TBD

Here's what Simon Cowell had to say about his deal with ITV:

"I am thrilled this deal has been concluded with ITV to enable our relationship to continue to develop. I am committed to making sure both shows get bigger and better every year."

"I have a lot to thank ITV for; they have been key in making The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent the UK's biggest television shows."

More on the deal from Peter Fincham:

"The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent are the shows that have helped define the last decade of television in the UK and have become more than just a talking point - they are a national obsession, and I'm delighted that our viewers can continue to enjoy them on ITV over the next three years."

"I'm especially pleased to have agreed a deal that cements our successful relationship with Simon Cowell, Syco and FremantleMedia over a longer term. I look forward to working with them as we continue to develop both shows and keep them at the top of their game."

Sounds like you'll be keeping pretty busy with these shows, Simon!

We wish you the best of luck with them both!

What do U think about this deal? Are U ready for more Simon, or have you had your fill?

[Image via WENN.]

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Simon Cowell Has Demands For UK X-Factor

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If Simon Cowell says he needs an extra £4 million to do his show, then that is what you give him!

British TV Station ITV wants to renew their X-Factor contract with Cowell, to keep him on board for 3 years.

Before he signs any contracts, Simon has demanded £4 million more to be pumped into the show, which it looks like he’s going to get.

As we’ve mentioned before, here’s what Cowell had to say about the future of UK’s X-Factor:

“What we’re trying to do is make better shows than we’ve done before. If we can’t do that, there’s no point in doing it.”

Simon Cowell’s current £6 million a year contract will expire at the end of the year, but we’re sure they’ll give him what he wants and all will be good in the UK universe.

Assuming all goes according to plan, it looks like the UK X-Factor would be moved to January 2012, to make room for the upcoming US X-Factor release.

[Image via WENN.]

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Simon Cowell Is Not Quitting X Factor

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Don't worry, X Factor fans!

Simon Cowell is not leaving the UK talent show. He's just delaying the next season until January 2012 so that he can concentrate on launching the American version of the show.

As a result, Britain's Got Talent will be moved to next Fall and will have a longer run.

Cowell spoke with Radio 2 DJ Steve Wright, reassuring fans that he's committed to British network ITV.

He told Wright:

"We have a contract to put X Factor on in America next year, which we are committed to. And what we now have to look at is how much time we have got to make both shows, because I’ve got less time, so we are thinking about moving X Factor into a different time of the year and Britain’s Got Talent to a different time. I’ve been reassured by ITV that we have got all the money we need to make them better, if I think they are going to be better. I’ve always said I could have taken a full time job in America, but I didn’t want it, I want to make the shows here. All I’m trying to do is make sure we make better shows than before and if we can’t make them better than there’s no point in doing it."

There you go, Brits! Simon could never quit you!!

[Image via WENN.]

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Simon Cowell Wants A World's Got Talent!

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Whoa, this could be huge!

Simon Cowell is reportedly planning to create a World's Got Talent reality competition show, which would feature acts from over 80 countries with the winner getting 1 million pounds.

A source says, "This has been Simon's dream. It will be the biggest reality show the world's seen. There is a huge wealth of talent out there. The best acts cross language barriers. Look at last year's winners Diversity - anyone from any country would be impressed by what they do."

This could be a worldwide phenomenon. Or a massive failure. What do U think?

[Image via WENN.]

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