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Tiny Hamsters Don't Just Eat Burritos… They Eat Tiny Pizzas Now Too!!

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Hamsters eating tiny food is amazing, so of course we were excited to see them eating pizza as well as burritos!

Remember Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos?

It's pretty much exactly what it says it is. It's stupid adorable.

There are few things cuter than tiny animals doing adorable things. So when you mix tiny animals with tiny foods??

We can barely contain our awwwwing!

Well we're about to have a cuteness meltdown on our hands…

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New Zealand Billboard Is Literally Covered In Rabbit Pelts! It's Advertising WHAT??

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There's a billboard in New Zealand that is straight up covered in rabbit furs, it\'s kinda gross.

In Wellington, New Zealand, there is a pizzeria called Hell Pizza, and they've got a unique way to advertise their new pie.

The new pizza is Rabbit Pizza (gross) so what better way to advertise than on a giant billboard! That's totally normal and acceptable!

Except this particular billboard was entirely covered in

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Jon Lovitz And Tiny Pooch Grab A Bite To Eat

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Every growing boy needs their food, whether it's a man or a dog!

Jon Lovitz grabbed some grub with his tiny four legged cutie at Mulbery Street Pizza in Beverly Hills.

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Domino's Rejects Gestation Crates Ban

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Looks like they won't be listen to you on this either!

Pizza chain, Domino's, has rejected a proposal that would ban gestation crates involving their pork products.

Gestation crates are extremely confining spaces where

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The Amazing New York Pizza Goat

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In NYC at a Famous Famiglia pizza place in Midtown someone snapped a random picture of a goat sharing dinner with a couple.

They don't appear to be shocked in the photo and it kinda blew up pretty quick because it's so quirky.

This isn't the first weird thing to happen in NYC (shocking, we know, right?) but it's just not often you see a goat wearing a fanny pack around its neck, enjoying some New York pizza pie.

The goat apparently is the man's pet and he occasionally takes it from his New Jersey home to the city to get some exercise and socialize and eat pizza we guess.

Pretty funny.

Possibly against health codes but still a nice change of pace for New Yorkers we're sure.

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Obese Dog's Weight Loss Plan

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Been there!

Samson, perhaps one of Australia's most obese dogs, is put on a strict
diet to shed some weight half his boy mass, before he's considered healthy.

It's not the pooches fault, his old owners used to feed him human food (pizza and pies), which — you should know — is totally bad for you dog.

We wish Samson the best of luck on this diet!

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Snooki Get Distracted By A Puppy In Italy

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Snooki Get Distracted By A Puppy In Italy


Looks like even the local dogs aren't getting along with the Jersey Shore cast. JK!

Snooks was suppose to be working on promotion at her mandatory job at a pizza restaurant in Florence. Her job is to persuade potential customers to come into the restaurant for pizza and beer, using a megaphone (does she speak Italian?) but instead the tiny American made friends with a local shop owners dog, called Nelly.

Perhaps snooki's just looking for someone to cuddle with after fighting with her boyfriend Jionni.

See Snooki juggle the pup and the mega phone below!

[Image via WENN.]

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