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Lindsay Lohan Makes A List Of Friends Who Are Bad Influences Because She Knows That They're Toxic!

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lilo fayesvision

This A-Lister is making a list herself: a rundown of all the naughty and nice people in her life.

She better check it twice!

According to a source close to LiLo herself, Lindsay Lohan has allegedly made two lists while at Cliffside's substance abuse treatment facility: one of friends she will keep, the other of "toxic friends and influences."

Out of a reported list of about 100 friends, a good 80 made the

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Richie Sambora Leaving Bon Jovi — Jon Bon Jovi Not Bon Jovial About It — Hints At Drug Probz!

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bon jovi richie sambora leaving quit band substance abuse angry upset

Understandably, Jon Bon Jovi is NOT happy with Richie Sambora's decision to leave the band (not KICKED out) after a long career together!

In fact, he's so not happy that Jon is even calling him out for substance problems AND says he's completely replaceable! Take that, professionalism and friendship!

Richie's departure from the legendary band came as a shock to the world, and didn't leave Jon with a good taste in his mouth. Here's what he said:

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What Was Rihanna Smoking At Coachella???

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Rihanna coachella powder

Ummm…what are you rolling on your bodyguards head, dear?

Rihanna has been uploading increasingly racy pictures lately, including an accidental nip slip, but this may be her most scandalous BY FAR!

The singer tweeted this Instagram photo from Coachella on Tuesday night (which has since been removed) of herself perched on top of a bodyguard's shoulders and rolling some kind of smokeable substance. She accompanied the photo with

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More Drama For LiLo! This Time With CRYSTALS!

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A foolish celebrity up to no good with a buttload of excuses rearing to go?

Why, it must be Lindsay Lohan, of course!

The latest addition to the hard-pAArtying actress' never-ending saga of bullshit involves sources spotting her in front of a bar in Venice handing a friend a wad of cash in exchange for a plastic baggy of an unknown substance - which her representative,

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Joss Stone To Release Greatest Hits Album

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joss stone to release greatest hits album

Listen up, Joss Stone fans!

The singer has announced that she'll be releasing a greatest hits album, Super Duper Hits: The Best Of Joss Stone, on February 21st.

No word yet on whether she'll include any new songs on the compilation.

Last time she released an album, Joss recommended that listeners "roll a spliff" before they give it a listen. Hopefully this time, she'll be confident enough in her greatest hits to gives us the O-K to listen to this one, substance free.

Will U give Joss' greatest hits album a sober listen?

[Image via WENN.]

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FAIL! Lindsay Lohan Tests Positive For Amphetamines

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If Lindsay’s life were a Bruce Willis movie, we’d call this Fail Hard 2: Fail Harder.

Lindsanity failed her second post-rehab drug test, and this time she tested positive for amphetamines.

Historically, Lindsay has been hooked on adderall, but no definitive information about which amphetamine was detected in her system has been divulged as of yet.

Within the span of a week, you’ve had both cocaine AND amphetamines in your system, Lindsay. Have you completely ceased to be self-aware at this point?

Place your bets on what substance will come up in test #3!

[Image via WENN.]

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